A Few Signs Indicating That Your Floors Need To Be Polished Or Sanded 

If you have a wood floor then it can surely add warmth to your space. However, over a period of time, even your best flooring may also start wearing out because of heavy foot traffic, dents, scratches, and fading varnish. Your attractive wood floor also will offer a tired and aged appearance.

So then when should you contact any tradesman to get your floor again polished or sanded so that you can bring back its original attractive look? The following are the few signs that you must look for.

  • Floor looking dull

A few years after your flooring installation, you may suddenly notice that your floor is looking too dull and the original charm is totally missing. 

  • The colour is not right

By taking the help of floor sanding and polishing tradies of 689 Pty Ltd, you can also change your floor colour if you are not liking the present colour of your floor.

  • Accidental damage

In case, you have young children at home then any accidents can take place and can damage your floor. It can easily be restored by tradies. 

  • Selling your property

If you intend to sell your home then instead of inviting any flooring company to go for reinstallation of the floor, you can simply polish them to offer a new look.

  • To add a new style

If you do not like the present style of your wooden floor then call the tradies to do proper polishing of the floor to offer a certain new style.

  • Scratches, or dents

After a few years of use, scratches and dents are likely to happen due to moving your furniture or due to any other reason when you may need servicing.

  • Dirt and grit accumulated

Dirt and frit can get accumulated on the wooden floor after a few years of use that can easily be restored with proper polishing.

  • Water damage43

Timber flooring can be resilient and can last for a long time, however, if you have suffered any flood or any other water damage then you must act fast. The water damage can also be caused due to roof leakage or leakage from your air conditioner.

Call immediately the tradie to restore your floor through proper polishing and sanding.

  • Sun discolouration

For your home, natural light will be a quite desirable feature, but excessive sun exposure can damage your wooden flooring over time. Therefore, the only way you can fix this problem will be by sanding the floor properly. 

  • Nails are Peeking

Open nails can not only be an unnatural nuisance but also can pain if it ever stuck to your shoe or feet. If plenty of nails is visible now on your floor then it is time for changing the floor. 

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