A Great Visit to A Wonderful Theater

Dinner theaters present locals and visitors with a fun night out and new challenges. Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie evening, guests get a delicious meal and a mystery to solve. Friends and family enjoy the events, and they can compete together to win a prize at the end of the evening.

A Visit to the Waterfront Hotel

The local dinner theater presents three nights of murder mysteries each month on Saturdays. All stories are set in modern times and give the audience an amazing show. The evening starts with a reception where all guests are introduced to the current story.

The host explains vital details about the story and presents special instructions for the guests. After the reception, the guests are led to the dining hall where they will be seated and wait for dinner. Visitors can learn more about The Dinner Detective by visiting the venue’s website now.

What To Expect During Dinner?

The four-course meal starts with house burrata on crackers with seasonal fruit compote and a lung mare caesar salad that includes romaine hearts, croutons, parmesan, and is topped with caesar dressing. All guests get to choose their own entree. The current entree selections include roasted chicken, the local catch of the day, or wild mushroom risotto. Dessert consists of a dessert duo of chocolate budino and caramel with sea salt topped tiramisu.

Enjoying a Wonderful Murder Mystery

Guests will not experience a boring or old-fashioned murder mystery like some theaters present. The cast of characters presents them with a completely modern murder mystery that begins on the guests’ arrival. During the first part of the murder mystery, a crime is committed, and guests help the investigator solve the mystery. The modern murder mysteries could reflect some modern crime stories, including serial killers. Residents and visitors of Oakland often return to the theater because the story producers think outside the box when creating the show.

Planning an Evening with Friends

Friends that want to spend a unique evening together may enjoy the murder mysteries more than going to the club or going to see a movie. It gives them a chance to compete against each other for the prize of top sleuth. The prize changes between each performance, and the guest with the right answer or who is closest to the correct answer wins.

Setting Up Your Reservation

The murder mystery tickets are available through the theater’s website, and the guests can follow easy-to-use online instructions. They select the night they want to visit the theater according to the storylines, and they add the total number of tickets they want to their cart. The checkout process is simple and provides them with a confirmation page.

A murder mystery theater offers a great performance and a wonderful meal. Each month guests have three chances to see the latest mystery and solve it as a team. The events offer a fun evening of intrigue and challenges. Patrons can learn more about the dinner theaters by visiting the website for more details now.