A Look at The Many Colors and Styles in Granite Countertops

When it comes to kitchen redesign, granite has always been a popular choice for homeowners and architects alike. Its popularity comes from its natural beauty and extreme durability, which are the results of its naturally occurring formation process.

Other reasons for its popularity include its numerous color choices and style options. The color of these rock slabs differs due to the mineral composition in them. While some granite rocks have a high dose of feldspar, the other has a high composition of mica, and accordingly you get the shade of your choice.

Here we list some of the common yet beautiful colors you can get on a granite slab to beautify your kitchen countertop.

White Granite Countertop

White granite countertops give a royal and classic look to your kitchen. It primarily consists of opaque feldspar minerals and white quartz. However, it is nearly impossible for a naturally occurring granite slab to be milky white. It mostly gives an off-white color tinge.

If you see a milky white countertop slab, you can be assured that it is quartz and not granite. Only man-mad slabs can have a milky white color and that is your indication to detect original white granite slabs.

Black Granite Countertop

Black granite is usually a gabbro rock, a rock that has low silica and high iron content, which gives it a coarse texture and a dark color. One can easily confuse black granite with basalt due to its similar texture and color.

Many think that black granite is stronger and more durable than other granite shades. However, that is not the case. Black granite is equally durable to other colors of granite. However, it is an exotic choice for a kitchen countertop. The color and shine after polishing a black granite slab gives a sharp and mysterious look to your kitchen.

Brown Granite Countertop

While white and black granite stones give a more elevated look to your kitchen, a brown granite slab brings out a natural look. Mixed with veins or textures of gold, the brown granite slabs can be one of the most versatile choices for a kitchen.

The best part about brown countertops is they complement well with the wooden cabinets in the kitchen. This allows you to have a more balanced look and feel in the kitchen.

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