A Reliable Joint Pain Specialist in Mason, OH and Lawrenceburg, IN

When suffering from painful joints, you can experience a significant disruption in your daily routines. You can find it difficult to perform your daily tasks either at home or at work and, in extreme cases, prevent you from even walking. You may, therefore, be unable to do any productive activities, thereby causing you untold stress. At Elite Physical Medicine, you will find a reliable and caring Lawrenceburg joint pain specialist who will work with you to provide you a lasting solution.

Why choose Elite Physical Medicine for your joint pain treatment

The medical experts that you will find at the center will work tirelessly until you get the treatment you require to get you back in optimal health condition. They personalize your treatment plan to ensure that you get the best treatment unique for your case. You will not have to put up with a painful life, and therefore, you will be able to continue with your normal daily routines at home and at work.

They will closely analyze your condition and diagnose the root cause of your problem. You can therefore be sure to get effective treatment at the center under the care of well-trained and experienced medical experts at the facility.

You first have to understand what causes your joint pains, as this will go a long way in finding the most effective treatment option for you. At the facility, you will get treatment as well as advice necessary to manage your condition.

What might be causing your joint pains

Several factors could be contributing to your joint pain, but the most common ones include:

  •   Acute injuries
  •   Sprains
  •   Bone or joint infections
  •   Tendonitis
  •   Bursitis
  •   Osteoporosis

These are conditions that cause inflammation, stiffening, or breaking down of the bone tissue. These issues are important as they prevent your bones from rubbing against one another. When this friction occurs, it results in pain that might make you unable to move your limbs. The conditions that lead to joint pain are also caused by factors such as age, improper joint use, or injury.

Whatever the cause of your joint pain, you can trust the medical team at Elite Physical Medicine to find you an effective treatment option. If you are experiencing mild or severe joint pains, you can visit the facility to get treatment as joint pains tend to worsen when left untreated.

What will the medical team do for your case?

When you visit the clinic, the team of experts at the facility first works to diagnose your condition to get to the root cause of your pain. You will undergo a comprehensive exam that will help highlight the cause of your pain symptoms. The doctor at the facility will also evaluate your medical history and ask you questions related to your lifestyle, diet, and other important medical considerations.

Treatment options available at the center

After diagnosing your condition, the doctor can recommend treatment solutions such as:

  •   Nerve blocks
  •   Joint injections
  •   Massage therapy
  •   Chiropractic adjustments
  •   Therapeutic exercise
  •   Regenerative medicine

Book an appointment

Call Elite Physical Medicine to book an appointment if you or a loved one needs joint pain treatment. You can also book online on their website, and the medical team is always ready to receive you and work to get you the treatment solution needed for your unique case.