A Short Guide to Car Rental Types in Singapore

Because of Singapore’s drive to make everyone less dependent on cars, owning a car in the country has become ludicrously expensive. But sometimes, the convenience of driving vastly outweighs the downsides of car ownership. If you have an active lifestyle or if you have family members that need to get to work or school every single day, the costs of taking a cab or public transport can be downright unmanageable.

But buying cars can also be a massive strain on the wallet. Being one of the most expensive cities for car owners, the government also heavily penalises those who want to own a car in a city with already limited space. Cars in Singapore can cost more than double the price of cars in other countries. They do this to discourage more potential buyers from buying.

This is true for any car you purchase from Singapore. A big chunk of the hefty price you have to pay for driving a car in the country is comprised of the CoE, or the Certificate of Entitlement. This is the term used to describe a certificate legalising you to own and use any vehicles here in Singapore. The fee for the CoE can range tens of thousands of dollars.

If you badly need a car to use while commuting to work and completing your daily tasks, but can’t pay the exorbitant amount of CoEs and other fees, why not consider a great option like renting a car in Singapore?


A solution to your transport problems

Let’s face it– public transportation can sometimes be a hassle, and it’s not always a feasible option at times. For example, when you need to wrangle your kids, or you need to go to a far-flung place that’s not always reachable.

With the inflated costs of car ownership, car rentals are a great option to consider if you want more affordable rates for cars. There are many car leasing and rental companies for you to choose from, from big international companies to reputable local ones. Car rental costs will definitely be different depending on the company. Bigger, more well-known ones are likely to be more expensive but there are still a lot of affordable options for you to choose from.

Short term rentals

Short term car rentals are popular choices if you’re not looking to drive a car for long periods of time. Got a business trip that you need to go to, or are you just looking for a weekend cruise with family or friends? You can rent cars by the week or even day. While renting cars for a short duration may technically be cheaper, you might see more cost-effective packages or options offered for longer durations, so consider your choice wisely.

Long term rental

If you’re seeking to rent a car for longer than a month, then it is considered a long term rental and there’ll likely be a different pricing structure for it. As with short term rentals, it is more cost-effective to rent over longer periods of time, for example, a year or more. Before biting the bullet and renting a car for that long, though, be sure to consider it carefully as there may be penalty fees for breaking the car lease and returning the car early.


How does one become eligible to drive in Singapore?

Even if you’re not looking to own a car, you’ll find that you might likely need to check whether you are allowed to rent your vehicle. In most cases, companies will stipulate eligibility criteria to know if you are trustworthy enough to rent a vehicle. Here are a few of them that you need to consider:

  1. Age of the person renting the vehicle. Most rental companies require you to be between the ages of 23 and 70 to be able to rent a vehicle, though it may be higher or lower. Some, though, may go above or below this limit but may require you to pay more insurance costs.
  1. P-Plate drivers, or “probation period drivers.” If your driver’s licence is less than a year, you may not be able to rent a car yet.
  1. International driver’s licence holder. Those with international licences may drive in Singapore for a year or less. Anything longer than that, and they will need a local licence.

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