A Week in Minneapolis on a $70,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

This week, a store manager who makes $70,000 in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis lets us in to see how she spends her well-earned money.

Occupation: Store Manager

Age: 35

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Salary: $70,000 (approx. $2,600 per pay period)

Day One

Living in Minneapolis has its perks. For example, I can have a healthy lifestyle, delicious food, and a great job. Being able to work out online from the comfort of my house is the greatest thing. I’m reading articles on Step Fitness Online to pick a workout and vegan recipe for tonight. The night promises a good workout routine with my hubby R. and a hearty meal as we watch a movie on Netflix. I’m also ordering a couple of ingredients for that recipe, and they should get here in two hours or so.

Right now, I’m doing an aerobics session while R. works on his exercise program with weight training. I’m reading some tips on Step Fitness Online regarding working with a personal trainer to reach our wellness goals. We could probably hire one to help establish a good training program that can help us get to where we want based on our agility, energy levels, and physiology. It’d be even more awesome if the personal trainer could coach us via Facetime or Zoom to have online training sessions.

Total: $24.65

Day Two

It’s Tuesday morning before work, and I’m searching for kitchen windows in Minneapolis because I have two window panes that are cracked from top to bottom. I’m calling Mad City Windows to see when they can come and install new windows. They did a free estimate and said they could send a contractor in the evening to install them, so I’m very excited. It’s the evening, and I can already see the quality service Mad City Windows provides. I now have a lovely kitchen window design and can once again fully enjoy the view outdoors.

Total: $354

Day Three

Wednesday is here, and I can already feel the weight of the week. So I’m going to go with R. to the Wilde Cafe and Spirits for a nice cozy and healthy date night. We ordered some crab cakes, a steak salad, and a rosemary chicken flatbread along with drinks and dessert.

Total: $58.41

Day Four

It’s Thursday evening, and I’m headed to the Acme Comedy Club with a couple of friends of R. We had an amazing time listening to open mic improvs and eating toasted wontons and jumbo ravioli with a couple of drinks.

Total: $66.80

Day Five

Friday is finally here, and I’m beyond tired. I just completed a workout with R. in the evening, and we’re getting ready to head out to St. Louis Park for a fun night of virtual reality games in REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory. R. and I have always wanted to try this out to see if we should buy the Oculus for ourselves, so we decided tonight was the night. We just finished playing, and it was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while.

Total: $60

Day Six

While we usually go out and be productive on Saturdays, we decided to stay in for this one. We ended up renting a movie on Amazon Prime and watching it until we passed out on the couch.

Total: $5.99

Day Seven

Sunday’s here, and R. and I are heading to the Mississippi River Gorge Trail to hike it. We stopped at the grocery store to buy a new reusable water bottle because I lost mine and a bottle of sunscreen because we ran out of it.

Total: $9.53

Total for the week: $580.38