About Filipino Music and Singers & Why Singing is in their Blood

 Introduction – 

To be honest, there is no lack of proof about the singers of Filipinos and they are considered as one of the best singers all around the globe. Some of the talented singers like Jake Zyrus, Lea Salonga, and Arnel Pineda and some great stars of ethnic heritage (mixed) like Olivia Rodrigo, and Bruno Mars all seem to show that their vocal skills come naturally to them and are there in the blood. Besides that, Filipino singer and stars are groomed to be popular. Most of them grow up seeing the talent shows which is found on every TV channel in the Philippines. In the year 1954, Tawag ng Tanghalan had produced most of the early singing stars across the Philippines.

Why Music – 

In addition to the shows that are locally produced, the Philippines also have Theatre Actor and it has its own versions of talent shows that are very popular some of the shows are like, ‘The X-factor’, ‘The voice’, and ‘American Idol’. If people are exposed to these shows then they develop young Filipinos’ empathy for music and it also encourages them to fulfill their dreams of becoming future celebrities or singers. Several Filipinos are there who see such programs and contests as a platform for showcasing their talent and others see this as a channel from which they can help themselves financially. In many cases, parents who are not financially well-off train their kids to become good singer and give them a shot to get a good future.

Jake Zyrus Story – 

Besides that, there are also singers who Sing for a cause. Some good Filipino singers and TV personalities like Jake Zyrus also known as Charice, shared with Oprah on her show that he had signed for more than 80 contracts to help his family. He also shared his struggle that when he had earned $50, his mother was happy because they had food for one month. Asians on the other hand love their singing. But it is totally different with Filipinos they take it to an entirely different level in their singing. In the Philippines, the singing instrument has become a regular and common appliance for those people who can afford it.

Singing is Everywhere –

Singing is always present with the Filipinos, whether it is a family bonding time for the weekends or singing chums arriving on an unexpected day, or some other. There are many Cabaret singer also that you will get in the Philippines. Besides that, singing is so popular and the shows are also so popular in the Philippines, that people do not mind shelling out a few thousand rupees to rent a singing instrument or visit a place of music and every Filipino party is incomplete without a music showdown or cabaret.