Aesthetic Treatment Options to Help Boost Your Looks With an Elastic Youthful Skin

As you age, your skin loses its texture and tone. The once youthful glow is replaced by fine lines associated with wrinkles and your aging signs become more visible. The indicators will tell you that your body is no longer producing the necessary amounts of collagen and elastin responsible for the defined facial contours. If you are looking to find an Aesthetic medical spa in Albuquerque, your search is over when you visit Freya’s Lair Medical Spa. Their expert aestheticians will help you achieve your aesthetic goals through treatments that focus on overall health and wellness.  

The services these experts offer include:    

Laser treatments

Laser therapy uses focused light of various intensities and wavelengths on different skin problems. There is a wide range of laser treatments your doctor will recommend to care for your aesthetic worries like acne, scars, and tattoos. The treatment boasts a host of benefits including greater precision, faster healing, and minimal downtime.   

Laser treatments come in various types depending on your aesthetic goals. They include:

  • Ablative laser treatment. The treatment targets improving your skin’s texture and tone and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, your doctor will recommend the treatment when you want to rid your skin of warts and scars.
  • Non-ablative laser treatment. Your care provider will advise you to go for this treatment if dealing with various hyperpigmentation forms.
  • Intense pulsed light. Your doctor will use this treatment to improve your skin’s color balance and give you that youthful glow.

There being various laser treatment options, you will discuss your goals with the professional who will outline every procedure’s pros and cons for you to make an informed decision about your choice


Nothing defines your age, like facial wrinkles and fine lines. Fortunately, your doctor can use cosmetic injections to minimize these age-related characteristics. Your doctor will recommend the two most common injectable substances to fill your deep lines and add volume to your skin, these are dermal fillers and Botox. The care provider will administer an intramuscular injection during a Botox treatment to weaken your facial muscles and the fine lines associated with your facial expressions.

On the other hand, your doctor will directly inject dermal fillers along your fine lines and wrinkles to plump your skin. Though dermal fillers will make your skin voluminous, the treatment is not suitable for everyone. Your doctor will not recommend the cosmetic treatment if you have

  • Severe allergies
  • Infected or inflamed skin
  • A keloid scarring history
  • Particular medical conditions like an autoimmune disease

PDO thread lift

The treatment entails the use of suture material to lift your face’s skin to give you an alert look. You are most likely to benefit from PDO thread lift if you are in good health and just starting to notice aging signs. Your doctor will recommend the treatment if you are not eligible for a surgical facelift because of a medical condition that might make general anesthesia a potential risk.

Once your doctor inserts the thread beneath your skin, it triggers your body’s healing process. Even though the threads do not injure your skin, your body will detect the material and activate collagen production in the treatment area. The produced collagen fills your sagging skin gaps resulting in elastic youthful skin.

Though aging is inevitable, you can opt to age gracefully with various aesthetic procedures. Schedule an appointment with the professionals today and discuss your aesthetic goals with your doctor. You can also contact them and learn about the different treatment options.