All You Need For Your Next Big Move

Moving into a new residence is quite a task and an important event. You have to ensure you leave your old place immaculate for the new tenants or residents as well as transport all of your belongings from one place to another. You’ll also have to reinstall all of your assets where they belong in your new home so nothing gets lost. There are several other things you’ll need for this process, which will be discussed below. Read below for a resource guide for your move.

A Moving Company

One of the first things to do is hire one of the best moving companies in your area such as moving companies in Maryland. 495 Movers are professionals that offer free estimates of their moving services as well as free stretch wrapping for furniture, doorway, and floor protection. Additionally, their services include years of experience, full-service packing, and fragile-only packing, with custom crating starting at $100. 495 Movers offer short and long-term storage options, long-distance moving, and insurance so your household goods are always in good hands.


If you have too many belongings, limited space in your home, or wish to divide the load or store them to declutter your home, you can find a good self-storage company that can provide you with the unit you need. You can rent out a storage unit of any size and with specific or premium features. These features can include climate control, 24/7 access, security, and a dust and pest-free environment.

Cardboard Boxes

When it comes to packing your belongings, you may want to consider using cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are ideal for storing and moving your assets because they come in all sizes, can sustain a long-distance relocation, can easily fit in your truck or car, and you can get them for free. You can get free cardboard boxes at shopping malls, restaurants, and even your neighbors. These are the ideal option for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to pack belongings in a sustainable way.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is not only a great and handy stress-relieving tool, it’s perfect for protecting your most valuable belongings from damage. These handy sheets will keep your things wrapped up like a cocoon so when they’re on the road or being moved around, they won’t crack, break, or shatter to pieces. You can opt for its eco-friendly alternatives, biodegradable packing peanuts, corrugated cardboard, GreenWrap made from kraft paper, or air pillows. You could even use recycled tissue paper if you have some left from last Christmas or a friend’s birthday party.

Kraft Paper and Markers

Packing paper, also known as kraft paper, is another great alternative for bubble wrap. Kraft paper is easily molded around irregularly shaped objects, and can create a simple division on fragile items ceramic or glass plates and silverware. Although it doesn’t provide the same cushioning as bubble wrap, if bundled together, you can emulate the same effect. This option is also great for writing or adding labels as it’s simply paper.

Packing Tape and Scissors

Another thing you should have is packing tape and a pair of scissors or knives to cut it. Tape is essential for keeping your boxes closed during your moving process However, you can also use packing tape to bundle up your items within those boxes so they have more stability. You can also use bubble wrap on your most delicate items and give them a second layer of protection with packing tape reinforcement.

Garbage Bags

Lastly, you can rest assured that you’ll need garbage bags to throw away any trash you come across in your moving process. When decluttering your home, you’re going to find a lot of trash behind or under furniture pieces and in your drawers. So keep a box or two of garbage bags and a trash bin so you can get rid of any junk and keep your items clean during your move.