All you need to know about Big Data platform

We are well-versed with quotes like, “data is the new oil”, and “data is the new science”. These myths perfectly describe the amplified importance of data.The data platform is an integrated technology solution that allows database data to be managed, governed, accessed, and delivered to users, various applications for strategic business purposes. The big data, as the name describes the large volume of data- both structured and unstructured- that inundates a business on a daily basis.

What is Big Data platform?

The Big Data platform is a technology tool developed by data management vendors to achieve great scalability, availability, performance, and security of organizations that are driven using big data. It helps to handle voluminous multi-structured data in real-time. Big Data analytics empowers decision making and strategic business moves.

Big data is divided into 7V’s. They are Volume, velocity, Variety, Variability, Veracity, Visualization, and Value.

Big Data Architecture

Big Data architecture lays the foundation for Big Data Analytics. The Big Data architecture components typically consist of four logical layers.

Big Data Sources Layers

It can manage both batch processing and real-time processing of Big Data sources.

Management and storage layer

It receives data from the sources and converts it into a comprehensible format for Data Analytics course and also stores the data according to its format.

Analysis Layer

Many analytics tools extract BI from the Big Data storage layer.

Consumption Layer

Receives inputs from the Big Data analysis layer and present them to the pertinent output layer or Business Intelligent layer.

Big Data Architecture Processes

The Big Data Architecture process is divided into four sub-processes:

  • Connecting to data sources
  • Data governance
  • System management
  • Protecting Quality of Service

Big Data and Data Lake

Many SME’s and startups are adopting these out-of-box techniques for efficient resource utilization. Big data platforms are adopted by many big organizations like Amazon, American Express, Netflix, GE, and many more. As organizations turn towards big data, the application of Data Lake also rises. The biggest benefit of Data Lake is the centralization of disparate content sources.  Big data can combine and process these sources. So, Data Lake and Big data terms may be used in conjunction, as Big Data may be fed to data lakes.

Importance of Big data platform

Big data importance is not revolved around the volume of company data but it depends on the way of the utilization of collected data. And, this can lead to various benefits like:

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Reductions
  • Understand the market conditions
  • Control online reputations
  • Boost customer acquisition and retention using Big Data analytics
  • Big Data Analytics course in Bangalore can boost innovations and product development
  • Big Data analytics for redefining marketing strategies

How doesBig Data work?

Organizations should consider the flow of Big Data among the multitude of locations, sources, systems, owners, and users. There are five major steps in it. They are as follows:

  • Setting a Big Data strategy
  • Identifying the source of data
  • Accessing, managing, and storing of Big Data
  • Analyzing it
  • Making intelligent and data-driven decision

Big Data platform can outperform your peers. So, set your eyes on Big Data to win over competitors and explore new dimensions in the business.