All you need to know about new trend of SEO

The chance to look into a new decade is exciting. It’s overwhelming, especially for a marketing discipline that seems to change as quickly—and to have its changes as strongly debated—as SEO does. Over the last decade, the SEO environment has changed in several profound ways, mostly behind closed doors with the advent of emerging technology, such as voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and so on. Let s talk about some of the latest trends that come in 2021 for SEO.

Mobile and voice search: Google has changed its goals by implementing the Web-First Index, which means that Google started using the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking purposes. In other words, if the website page doesn’t look good on a mobile screen, or if your mobile version has less content, you can lose rankings in both mobile and desktop search results.

The SERP gets more consolidated: The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are not the same as they were a few years ago.

The percentage of ad share has increased, the response boxes and featured snippets have begun to get the lion’s share of clicks, and the “People Also Ask” function introduced in 2018 (which combines a few answer boxes together to drive the organic search result down) has risen in importance as well.

Semantic search and optimization: Google moved away from exact keyword optimization years ago, but our industry is slow to keep up. Nowadays, Google doesn’t use the exact string of terms that are inserted in the search box. Instead, it explores the meaning of the question and analyses the potential search purpose of producing information.

Use Experience will take the center of the stage: What are we talking about when we talk about the user interface (UX)? Oh, first and foremost, the customer. People. People. Now, we know it’s important to enhance people’s Experience once they hit our pages—UX that’s 101. However, as it becomes, strong UX will have a more influential influence on the search engine rankings in the future.

Alocal SEO search: 46% of searches on Google already have a local reason, and the local business authority will continue to be a key factor for higher rankings in 2021.

For example, if you are typing for Atlanta SEO service or SEO service near me, you will find the best SEO service provider near you or in your area. More search for the same business google will increase higher the rank of that particular SEO service provider.

Videois essential for SEO services: Video always plays an important role in any business. A video puts a face on a brand and helps the viewer see your company’s true essence and offers. People want to buy from people. If they have faith in you, that will significantly improve their chances of buying from you.

A new year with a new trend, but as we know that old is always gold for choosing a perfect Atlanta SEO consultant service. Do read about the new and old trends what exactly needs your business in terms of SEO.