All you need to Know about Pocket 2

The DJI Pocket 2 is a compact camera that helps you to catch unforgettable moments by yourself. Pocket 2 has been designed to stabilize motion and to take sharp images and smooth videos. The DJI Osmo Pocket features is a new 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor and captures all the details around the world with 4K video shooting, up to 60 fps, and photos up to 64MP.

One of the main concerns of the original Osmo Pocket was its FOV lens is that it has it comes with 20mm wider f/1.8 equal lens with a 93-scale viewing field that’s ideal for sweeping and shooting everything.

Getting to know deeper about Pocket 2

You can use this Pocket 2 in the hand, purse, or your pocket this DJI Pocket 2 suits perfectly for you to travel anywhere. When your trip starts, or unexpectedly something catches your eye, Pocket 2 is ready to catch the moment. The excellent amount of features supported by the typically full-featured mobile application made the original OSMO Pocket 2 so nice apart from size. The Pocket 2 comprises of features such as the latest 3 axis motorized mechanical stabilization features with a new Pocket 2, 4K recording, a big sensor, and a wider lens.

DJI claims that the picture and content of the video are a step up from the previous generation, which was pretty good, to be honest. A built-in zoom and an improved self-focus with lock and monitor is also a new feature that improves your design so you can track moving topics and action even better. Surprisingly good audio on the OSMO Pocket, but now the latest DJI Metric Stereo has been added to further boost audio quality. Some special features of Pocket 2 are:

The tiny camera as always

 The tiny camera in Pocket 2 differs from an action camera and this handheld camera was designed to be small and portable. It also uses mechanical stability as used in OSMO action and not optical RockSteady. The pre-programmed shooting methods are one of the fun characteristics of the OSMO Pocket and here the new Pocket 2 boosts this feature to create a pleasant and interesting shooting.

Better Pocket 2 audio

DJI has worked hard to improve Pocket 2’s already outstanding audio and visual characteristics. The new sensor improves the quality of video and also allows four microphones around the system to capture crisp audio in any case. These tiny directorial microphones intelligently lock up the critical audio and concentrate on it. There is also an effective wind noise management system that helps to preserve audio clearness during outdoor shooting.