All you need to know about the Best Places in India to Visit:

No doubt India is quite traditional, but at some point, it is on every traveler’s bucket list as the country offers plenty of beautiful places. Be it metros cities like Mumbai or Delhi, Leh to Manali you can find almost everything in India. So, if you are an avid traveler, you should surely visit India, and under this blog, you can find unique places that are a must-visit in India.

Agra- If one thing represents India beautifully, then it is the Taj Mahal in Agra. The monument inspires people globally to visit it once in a lifetime. The city in Uttar Pradesh is home to several monuments, and of course, when in Agra, you shouldn’t miss out on the Agra fort that is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With so many wonders available here, you shouldn’t miss visiting Agra.

New Delhi- despite its heavy population, the city offers a lot of love to tourists. The old Delhi is home to several treasured attractions, including Red Fort, Jama Masjid. At the same time, you can consider visiting to see some mesmerizing sites, including India gate. Furthermore, you must visit Delhi if you want to visit Leh to Manali.

Mumbai- You should surely head to Mumbai if you wish to see a more cosmopolitan side of the country. The city is home to the various Bollywood icons, and ultra-rich entrepreneurs reside here. In the luxe city, you are never far away from the top five stars or gourmet cafes. You can also cruise down the city’s neckline marine drive.

Rajasthan- is also known as the land of the kings, and Rajasthan is a home to remnants of various kings and queens. If you wish to visit some fantastic palaces, Rajasthan is one of the Best Places to Visit.  For instance, you can jodhpur, also known as the blue city, where you can get an unforgettable experience from the Mehrangarh fort. The city palace complex in Udaipur is full of romance with its flower-lined streets.

Rishikesh- if you are a spiritual traveler, you should head to Rishikesh without a second thought. The town lies in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges River. You can either take part in some actions or just enjoy the mesmerizing bell’s sound.

Amritsar- It is known as the jewel of Punjab, and the place has got its name from the famous Golden temple. Golden temple is likely to be a prominent place for the Sikhs. One of the best attractions here is the world’s largest kitchen community which serves at least 10000 individuals every day. While in Amritsar, you must visit the border of Pakistan and see the beating retreat ceremony held every evening.

Goa – If you are someone who really likes water, city life, open spaces, sea food and a chill environment, then indeed there is no better place than Goa in India. Not just locals, but Goa is also considered to be one of the most favourite places of foreigners. The entire vibe of Goa is such that people come here to relax, have fun and be away from the hustle bustle of their usual lives.

Hence these are some of the Best Horrifying Places in India to Visit. You can plan your holidays as per your schedule and visit them.