All You Need To Know About The Comparison Of Nitrile V/S Latex Gloves

The current situation is known to all where it is mandatory to maintain hygiene so people have to take certain steps due to the spread of COVID-19. There are different measures of maintaining hygiene and wearing gloves has to be one of them that you should adopt in your life. Wearing gloves would make sure that you are not touching anything with your bare hands so there would be less spread of germs in this way. This would not only be beneficial to you but at the same time, even others would be able to avoid the germs. There mainly two types of rubber gloves, one is the nitrile and the other one is latex gloves. While we want to get our hands on the best one so it is important to compare both the material of gloves. Here is everything that you need to know about Nitrile v/s latex gloves:

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Nitrile gloves:

If you are into synthetic rubber material then nitrile gloves would be best for you. Most of the time people always compare Nitrile v/s latex gloves before buying gloves. A few years back producing nitrile gloves were not easy so the price was also quite high but nowadays because of the easy production to these gloves, you would get them at affordable price. These gloves come with the super fitting quality so you would not have to bother about the loosening of gloves while working. This would remain intact in your hand and it is very comfortable to wear as well which is a great thing. These gloves are so good in quality that it doesn’t even need any kind of powders and one pair would last you for a long time as well. These gloves would resist any kind of petroleum products so people who work in the automotive, gas, or oil sector love to have these gloves.

Latex gloves:

If you have searched for Nitrile v/s latex gloves comparison then you need to know about latex gloves in detail. Latex is a natural rubber material that is derived from rubber plan and this is of so good quality as well. These gloves would fit in your hands like your second skin so you would find it difficult to work while having these gloves on. You would be amazed to know that these gloves are highly used for medical purposes as it protects the hand. Latex can be allergenic to some people but it would not be more than slight itching on the hands that gradually goes away with time.

Which are better, Nitrile v/s latex gloves?

Coming to the conclusion is a bit hard in this case as both the glove materials are good for different purposes. If you are still wondering about Nitrile v/s latex gloves then it depends on your purpose of using the gloves. These gloves fit for different types of use and are great in quality as well.