Amazing cultural sites in Ho Chi Minh City

Tourists visit different places to see new and exciting sights and sounds. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many cultural attractions that you can visit and be amazed. Every tourist moving around the world should visit and get to enjoy the various monuments, cultural foods, artisan work, to mention a few. Likewise, with a good hotel Ho Chi Minh they would get ample rest, and be ready to explore the next day. Below are the best places that you need to visit in Ho Chi Minh City to get an enjoyable experience.

Which are the best tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City?

  1. War Remnants Museum

Vietnam was in the past known for war. In this museum, all the exhibit of the war is found here. It is one of the most prominent museums in ho chi Minh and captures all the details regarding war. If you want to know the past occurrence in Vietnam, visit this museum, and you will find all equipment that was used there. There are also images and remains of those that were involved in the war. The museum attracts a massive number of visitors every year who go to see the exhibits.

  1. Thien Hau Temple, Chinatown

The temple has a beautiful gate that captures your attention. There is an altar inside that contains the statues of the Chinese goddess. The tale is of such: Once there was a deity who passed away, and it is believed that he left two turtles to guard him, and they are found in this temple. There are no charges to enter the temple, so you can stop by and visit anytime.

  1. Saigon Opera house

Saigon Opera house is the house known as Municipal Theatre. This house was built in the past by a French architect who aimed to ensure that French colonialists get their regular entertainment from shows. Here, you need to purchase a ticket and attend a show. Also, several new shopping malls have been built around the Saigon opera house, whereby visitors can shop.

  1. Reunification palace

Reunification Palace is a building set on 44 acres of lush lawns that were built in the late 1960s. The building is significant to many historical events that happened in Vietnam. The place acted as the president’s house in the early days. It has different basement tunnels that were used during the war in Vietnam. There are also war equipment on display, such as fighter jets, communication equipment, that were used during the war in the country. The equipment symbolizes the end of the war in Vietnam.

  1. Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre

Are you interested in traditional entertainment? Well, if you do, this is one of the best places that you can never afford not to visit. The site offers show portraying the Vietnamese culture and has been happening for over 1000 years now; hence this guarantees you o how quality the show is. There is also live music whereby the dancers use the traditional instruments to get you entertained. The room also has an air conditioner to give you the best experience when inside.

  1. Ho Chi Minh City museum

Here is where you get to know the history of Ho Chi Minh City, its focus on the struggle for independence, and what they went through. The place was once the home to the area governor and had different ornaments. It also has tunnels that were used as an escape route during the war. You should make a stop here and know a little bit about the whole city.

  1. Jade Emperor Pagoda

Jade Emperor Pagoda is a temple that was built in honor of Taoist gods. Both Buddhist and Taoist deities are represented in the temple. When you visit the place, you will find worshippers and making offerings to the deities. There are also several sculptures on the roof and masses of turtles swimming on a pond on the temple entrance. Ensure you observe respect when visiting this Chinese-themed temple.

  1. Ben Thanh Market & Saigon square

Ben Thanh market is one of the places that you can shop around in Ho Chi Minh City. There are different types of fruits and local delicacies that make the site excellent for tourists. There is a well-built stall where the foods are packed. Also, a few steps away is Saigon Square, where you can get your daily items or electronics for a cheap price.

To conclude, there are many tourist attraction sites in ho chi Minh that are not included in the list. The city is for sure worth visiting and get to enjoy the comfort of the conducive environment as you see and learn about the past event that happened in Vietnam. There are also beautiful shops and restaurants around various cultural attraction sites where you can relax and enjoy a traditional Vietnamese meal.