Amazing & Outstanding Services provided by an Energy Consulting Group

An independent energy consulting group has a dynamic group of individuals having a diverse range of experiences in oil and gas companies and services. This multi-disciplinary team has the expertise of many years in oil and gas companies and they are capable of finding perfect solutions as well as add value to commercial and technical challenges given by the clients. The professionals continue to develop their skill sets to add value to their services. There are various areas of expertise like Reservoir Engineering, Depth Conversion, Quantitative Geophysics Studies, etc. The expert Directors provide training courses to both their staff as well as provide training externally too. This leads to the continuous professional development of the staff. The Graduates, who are joining directly their jobs, develop their technical abilities to the highest standards through different programs. There are various relevant professional societies open for staff to join and they are free to work towards the Chartered status in their chosen discipline.

Different Service Areas of Oil & Gas Companies

  • Unitisation & Expert Services: A thorough understanding of procedures and the ability to evaluate the points of argument critically equipped with technical excellence proves them as successful experts in this field.
  • Technical Services: Through their technical services, they offer their clients a complete spectrum of skills from the primary seismic interpretation to the static modeling to the numerical simulation.
  • Reserves & Resource Evaluation: Their skills and experiences prove them as a well-established name in Oil & Gas Reserves & Resource Evaluation.
  • Commercial Analysis: There is a team of economists and development engineers who undertake evaluations, valuations as well as conceptual studies for their clients.

The oil and gas prices vary for different categories such as Light Crude Oil or Brent Crude Oil etc. As trends and demands regularly change in the market which puts the direct and immediate effect on the prices of oil and gas.

Effect of Corona Virus Pandemic on Oil & Gas Prices

The entire world has been swept by the Coronavirus in recent months. Due to this many businesses have been adversely affected and are forced to close and especially for the oil and gas industry, the future is uncertain. Since oil and gas have taken a dip in demand due to which the oil and gas prices reached to incredible new lows as businesses have been forced to cease trading. Though there is a high supply of oil and even storage is also full but the demand for the oil has been reduced as more businesses have been shut down due to this pandemic disease which has been become a serious curse to all business sectors and other sectors too causing huge losses, thus adversely affected oil and gas companies too. In recent days, the oil prices have been fallen below zero but on the other hand, it has a positive impact on the environment or atmosphere, as the skies are bluer, the air is cleaner and the wildlife is returning to normal life as the environment is free from pollution and atmosphere is gradually healing during this time.