AR Funding – What is it and is it Worth the Hype?

Active cash flow is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses; especially, medium and small sized businesses. That’s because traditional banks offer loans on an immediate basis to only large scale businesses that are safer. But, the criteria for loan clearance for a budding company is very different. And a help that’s not offered at the time of immediate need is no help at all. Hence, if you’re a budding business in urgent need of cash, it’s in your best interest that you look for alternative funding solutions like the AR (accounts receivable) funding solution by investment firms like Accord Financial

Now, let’s start with the basics – what does accounts receivable funding actually is? 

In simple terms of business, if you’re, say, a printing business who has printed books and supplied them to a seller and issued them an invoice that hasn’t been cleared yet, then that amount that you have not received is marked in your financing book as account receivable. 

And quite clearly, if you get another order in the meanwhile, you won’t be able to afford the requirements for printing since you won’t have enough cash to replenish your inventory. And this is where Accord Financial invoice factoring comes to the rescue. How? Well, to answer that better, we have made a list on how this type of funding is able to help you. 

Let’s have a look!

Accord financial is one of the most reputable Canadian investment firms that offers cash flow solutions to small and medium sized businesses struggling to survive in the lapse of cash needed to keep the supply chain functional. 

One such solution is AR funding that’s more generally known as Accounts Receivable Funding. 

The factoring company (investment firm you have chosen to apply for a loan) will have a look at the value of the invoices that you’ve issued to your clients, but not yet received. These invoices are your assets. The firm will then evaluate the monetary value of your business depending upon invoice(s) receivable. Upon evaluation, they’ll determine what loan amount is the safe amount that can be issued in order to help you replenish your inventory so that you can handle fresh orders without interruption. The benefits of such loaning solutions are as follows.

  • It’s a quick evaluation process that doesn’t require weeks. 
  • The loan amount is credited within a few hours to less than 2 days after evaluation. 
  • There are flexible options so that you can choose small term loans as well as long term loans. 

So, all in all, Accounts Receivable Funding is actually a necessity that can save your business from choking due to frozen cash. 

Do not forget to contact the experts at firms like Accord Financial for more details and inputs about the right kinds of funding solutions that’ll be most beneficial for the growth of your business.