Architrave Switches Range At Australia’s Leading Electric Wholesaler

Standard light switch covers are just too bulky in certain situations. That’s where architrave switches come to light! Such discrete switches, without limiting the choice, provide a superb slim alternative to larger plates.

Just because of the smaller spaces don’t compromise on quality. The architrave light switches are suitable for places such as positioning doorframes next to each other, or in tight corners. The limited wall spaces cannot handle the size of a normal light switch, but due to cabling or connectivity, they can also be the ideal location for a switch. In these situations, an architrave switch is the optimal slimline solution with the option to install a smaller surface.

AGM Electrical Supplies—A Popular Electrical Wholesaler In Australia

AGM Electrical Supplies is the one-stop online shop for professional and do-it-yourself technicians alike. The wholesaler sells unbeatably priced electrical components from over a hundred leading suppliers in the industry.

The range involves single and double changes from satin brass to plain white in every color. You can find something there if you are searching for something that suits in a tight spot. The architrave switches are crafted here in Australia.

They come with 1 to 4 gangs and can be built with a number of switches. What set you choose depends on the style you seek to attain. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, as nothing is more important to them than the quality of their products and services.

Features Of Architrave Switches At AGM

AGM Electrical architrave light switches are built to be discreet and help you enhance the look of a room, regardless of the size. AGM offers them in both contemporary and retro square edged sets, all extremely slim-line plates that can be finished in both ultra-modern and traditional designs. In fact, you can pick toggles, rockers or bell push switches to create something different about your architrave switch.

Small Rooms Don’t Need To Be Dim

Would you like to control the light from an architrave switch? Pick AGM Electrical Supplies and they can offer full dimming capabilities from a variety of types of switches.

Buy Top Quality Architrave Switches From AGM Electrical

The product range at AGM comprises of 1 gang to 4 gang architrave switches of major brands such as Clipsal, Sparkelec and many more. Some of thebest selling products at AGM are

  • Sparkelec 1 Gang Architrave Grid & Plate Only White – SAWS1/CP
  • Sparkelec 2 Gang Architrave Grid & Plate Only White – SAWS2/CP
  • 2 Gang Architrave Switch Black – Connected Switchgear LSIA2B
  • 4 Gang Architrave Switch White – HPM XLA770/4WE

AGM ElectricalSupplies have designed their website to be as user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as possible, and they are constantly working to make it run even more smoothly.So, feel free to visit their website for any kind of electrical needs. They are popular due to fastest turnaround time and top-notch quality products. You can also read Ways to Save Energy and Reduce Cost here.