Are Lawyers superior then Solicitors

The word superior is taken from the Latin word superior, which means above, over or higher. But the common man who is average in understanding thinks excellent as more elevated in rank, degree, importance. But according to English dictionary of Cambridge, it merely means” better than average or better than other people or things of the same type”. Further in this article, we will be elaborating Are Lawyers superior then Solicitors on different parameters. 


And the answer to the question Are Lawyers superior then Solicitors? Under the light of the definition of excellent, it does not mean that lawyers are outstanding to Solicitors. According to the information mentioned above, it means the opposite. Solicitors have more preference upon lawyers. Here the question arises how the solicitors are superior to lawyers? The answer to this question can be according to their merit or education. The Solicitors were initially lawyers when they didn’t have done their postgraduate diploma in legal practice course or LPC. And it also takes the same direction of degree from The UK Solicitors and Wales to become a solicitor. 


To become a lawyer in the UK, it takes the graduated degree program in law which is also known as LLB or one can go for Bachelors In law as their graduation program. The term lawyers encompass the terms solicitors, bureaus and attorneys most of the peoples interchange them with the word lawyer. Whereas for the solicitors, and for those who want to become law specialists, they have to take a professional course or postgraduate program to either become a solicitor or barrister. You can find solicitors in the UK who are practicing a training course in a renowned law firm after completing the LPC course. To take their career as solicitors. 


The salary of lawyers based on their experience is: for the inexperienced are for the lawyers having experience under five years takes fifty thousand, and for the lawyers having experience more than five years to ten years takes seventy-five thousand and those having experience from ten to fifteen years are given around hundred thousand. And for the fifteen plus their salary ranges around one point five Lac. Talking of the Solicitors salary their salary depends on their educational background in actual terms what type of solicitor they are, in which institutions they had achieved their degree, the course of their experience, in which region they are practising as you can find solicitors in London who are charging more than other areas and the country itself generates the most revenues in the whole state of the UK. But the approx salary which they take monthly starts directly from one Lac according to some studies. 


We had examined different aspects and had compared both the lawyers and solicitors in a few regions where we found the Solicitors were superior to lawyers and vice versa. As there are certain matters where the position of lawyer is excellent than that of a solicitor as in the issues of courts, it is not possible for the Solicitors to appear in the courts whereas the lawyer has authority to speak in the court on behalf of their clients