Are you in a great place to install a solar system?

While solar system is being increasingly popular in Melbourne and Victoria thanks to the state government incentive, is everyone suit installing a solar system at their house?

With advices from Sundra Energy Solar Service, here’s who should consider a solar system at their house and who should think twice.

The characteristic of your property

House is obviously the best to install a solar system individually. A solar system can supply electricity to your home to lower the cost of your electricity bill while enhancing the estimated value of your house.

However, it is not totally unreasonable to consider solar panel for apartments and townhouses. While these two properties might be more difficult to install a solar system, it is possible, and more feasible, to do so.

For apartment buildings over 3 floors, installing solar panels on the roof will not make much change to the overall energy consumption of the building. However, the benefits exist for those under.

And apartment buildings, to an extent, are better for installing solar panels. As solar panels only harvest power in sunlight, most people are out at work during the time when the system is most effective.

As electricity cannot be stored without a battery solution, the working demographic is unlikely to be benefitted from solar panels except selling the power to the grid.

For apartments, however, because of the shared ideology, it is more likely that someone can be benefitted from the solar system while lowering the overall carbon emission of the building.

The location of your property

While houses are best for solar system installation, the location of your house might not suit using solar panels.

One of the factors to so are insufficient sunlight from external influence. High-rise buildings, tall vegetation or other structures might shadow your house during daytime and decrease the output of the solar system.

Installing a solar system to houses that are influenced is not outright unadvised. But it is recommended to be inspected by a specialist before installing to ensure the cost-efficiency of the system.

The time of power usage

One of the most common turndown reasons in not installing a solar system is the inability to be benefitted from the power generated.

For many who are working in daytime, the solar energy that is harnessed but cannot be stored is mostly useless for them. In reasonable terms, they cannot be directly benefitted from the system other than selling the electricity to the grid to compensate their energy use in nighttime.

While currently the selling price of electricity from your solar panel to the grid is equivalent to the price that you buy from the grid, the market price of electricity is likely to fluctuate with the running out of fossil fuel.

If you, who works in the daytime, would like to be directly benefitted from your solar system, you can consider an addition battery solution to store the energy till the night.

Battery solutions can be bought and installed along your solar system in most of the time. It can also be added to your existing system. Products like the Tesla Powerwall is a great example for such.

If you are looking to install a home solar system, look for Sundra Energy. They offer solar system and its installation in Melbourne and Victoria that can be rebated through the state government.