Aware about the trekking world

With more than 27 years of experience in this field, TrekupIndia is quite close to mountains and organizes a perfect trip to give you life-long memories. It is important for you to know that India an important part of the largest mountain range on this planet.

The company is involved in developing trails in almost all the Himalayan states such as Sikkim, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir as well as Uttarakhand. Not only this, but the connections with the rivers, pastures as well as snow-mountains are quite solid & deep.

In order to organize a flawless trek tour, the company has good developed good relations with transport providers, local guides, and lodges, and several other people & places.

All the trekking places are visited by the company’s trek leaders in order to offer a perfect experience to the trekkers.

Not a company but a real friend

The company completely understands that how important a trekking trip is to you due to which it offers great services and even helps you in planning the trip just like a friend. It organizes a trekking trip that is completely memorable and worth going to.

Whether you want to trek the mountains solo, in groups, or with family, TrekupIndia offer several options keeping in mind your comfort.

Solo trekkers: This is the time when an individual wants to travel alone and learn about his or her limits. For solo trekking, you can join the fixed batches and discover yourself in the best possible manner.

Treks with family, kids & friends: If you want to explore mountains with your friends, family and kids then register everyone together as one whole unit.

Custom treks: There are also custom treks in which you have the privilege to choose your trek, date, time as well as people.

Get ready to save money

One of the major struggles of life is to earn money and save it. Whenever you buy any product or service, you try to shrink its price in order to save money. It is completely true that the happiness of saving money is different.

Similarly, when you get the bookings done with TrekupIndia, you avail of great discounts and offers on different trekking packages. As a result, you save a lot of money.

Indulge in a platform to show your creativity

Every individual can turn out to be an artist, with Instagram and YouTube. Nowadays, there is no requirement for a certificate to exhibit your talent.

Trekking with this agency, give you an opportunity to show your talent. Several contests are conducted where photographers, writers as well as videographers are given the chance to show their hidden creativity.

The trekking company helps you with a huge following that further increases your visibility & engagement to build a reputed brand.