Bandana! An Economical but Cool Fashion Accessory

American Eagle Offers Markdown on Colorful Silk Bandana

Do you like the soft and silky bandana but do not know the impressive ways to carry it? This humble accessory can be changed into fashion staple if you understand the art of wearing bandana. It is not a new accessory. You can find historical figures as well as the modern day icons wearing the bandana in different ways like covering the neck, wrapping round the bag handle or as a ponytail. Do not use this super soft piece to wear as a mask to get protection from viruses. It is style maintaining accessory. Use American Eagle coupon code for buying multicolor bandana on low rates.

Bandana Style Guide

  • Round the Neck Style

It is up to you to fold the bandana for getting choker shape, wrap in scarf style or tie in front. You can maintain chic and incredibly classic look with little effort. Obtain an extraordinary style by wearing a bandana with a t-shirt and jeans. Wrap round the neck and hang out the knot. Try different prints to wear in choker technique. Do not wear necklace as it will give an odd look. You can choose a large size or an average size bandana and fold to make a triangle. Wrap and tie the knot for casual attractive look.

  • Side Knot Style

Women who are interested to get glamorous appearance can use bandana in form of neck scarf. Roll it to develop long strand. At the same time you are knotting the bandana, shift the knot to one side. In order to make a sailor style fascinating knot, let the ends of bandana to hang down frontage. It is good to choose a bandana in contrast colors for an eye-catching look.

  • Tucked In Style

With the help of American eagle coupon code, get a variety of bandana and try different styles in amazing color patterns. For a turtleneck look with a button down shirt give a unique vibe. Just tie the knot in classic style and tuck into the shirt.

  • Scarf Top Style

Choose a large size bandana and cover like a scarf to give a modest appearance. Tie the knot above or under the hair to give a headscarf like appearance.

  • Like a Belt

Sometimes you can find the right belt to carry with your outfit. Do not get worried. Select an extra size bandana in contrasting colors and get the required support to make your outfit extraordinary.

  • Like a Ponytail

Do not you have a new collection of ponytails? Use the bandana like a scrunchie. Keep on wrapping it again and again and go away the long ends to hang out.

  • Like Headband

You can double your favorite bandana like a headband. Just make a knot at head top to give a charming look. Try to leave the bandana at the back for sleek and simple look.

  • Like Wrist Cuff

Are you going out with friends? Definitely, you want stylish and fresh look. After getting ready, take a bandana and tie round the wrist like a jewelry item. If you like, tie it round the ankle for a fashionable look. Keep on using American Eagle coupon code for adding new and stylish bandana in your wardrobe.