The greatest coffee connoisseurs will tell you: to enjoy the best aromas and stay true to the flavour of coffee, you must turn to a bean-to-cup coffee machine. This grinds the coffee beans directly, thanks to an integrated grinder and ensures an inimitable flavour in the mouth. Different programs allow you to select the desired fineness of grind. If you are not a coffee specialist, but you are determined to acquire a bean machine, you are on the right page. This buying guide from will allow you to compare the best models of the moment, and know what the essential criteria are to compare, before making your choice.

How Does a Grain Machine Work?

A bean-to-cup coffee machine is a type of coffee maker intended for making coffee and which has several programs, allowing the user to personalize their drink 100%. The use of this type of machine is relatively simple, thanks to the automatic programs present. It allows you to make coffee full of freshness in no time.

A bean-to-cup coffee machine is a device that has an integrated grinder, also called an espresso grinder. The device allows you to quickly grind coffee and prepare several cups at the same time. Thanks to the various settings available, it is possible to make intense coffee. Some machines incorporate a steam nozzle, to prepare lattes macchiato or cappuccino for example.

Why Buy a Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine?

If you love coffee and are looking for a device that delivers unique flavours, then you need a bean-to-cup coffee machine. As with French press coffee makers, coffee machines equipped with a bean grinder extract all the essence of the coffee, for a uniquely fresh result. In addition, you can customize your coffee by choosing the desired fineness of grind, which is a big advantage.

Because each person enjoys their coffee differently, bean machines give the chance to adjust the intensity, or the desired cup size. Finally, it must be admitted that when purchased, these are relatively expensive devices. However, they pay for themselves quickly, since coffee beans are much less expensive than coffee pods, such as Senseo coffee makers or Nespresso coffee machines.

What Are the Essential Options on A Grain Machine?

Today, there are many bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market. Many brands offer their machines and different options depending on the model. Indeed, most appliances sold on the market offer to adjust the intensity of the coffee, the length of the cup, the desired temperature, or the expected fineness of grind. These are the basic options.

However, some more elaborate grain machines have a steam wand, a Cappuccino function or even an option which allows a rapid rise in temperature, and therefore saves time. Depending on your needs and the type of coffee you are used to consuming, some features can be useful. Do not hesitate to study all the characteristics of the devices before making your choice.

How To Choose Your Grain Machine?

Grain bin capacity

Depending on your consumption habits, and the number of coffee drinkers in your household, you will need capacity. If several of you consume coffee daily, we recommend a bean container of at least 250 grams. For solo use, a 125-gram container will be more than enough.

Coffee quality

An essential factor in choosing a coffee machine with grinder is the quality of the coffee obtained. This factor is difficult to take into consideration, without having been able to test the machine. Hints in the technical characteristics can however help you. Analyse the percolation process. Indeed, this will largely determine the final quality of your coffee. Thus, we advise you to opt for a pressure of at least 15 bars so that the extraction of aromas is optimal.

Ease of maintenance

choice criteria Obviously, it will be necessary to consider the ease of maintenance of the machine. Like any coffee maker, you will need to descale the device regularly, depending on the hardness of your water. On grain machines, it will also be necessary to think about cleaning the steam nozzle or replacing the cartridges. Make sure that an automatic cleaning mode is integrated, the task will be much easier for you!

machine noise

Then, it will be necessary to take into consideration the noise level of the bean-to-cup coffee machine. Although this type of machine is quite noisy in general, there are models that are less than others. Also, note that there are machines with a sound level of less than 55 dB, and therefore provide a certain acoustic comfort.

Brand and selling price

Like any household appliance, the bean-to-cup coffee machine is offered at all prices and by many brands. It is important to synthesize features like functionality, design, performance, and price, to find the best value for money. Some manufacturers are specialized in this type of machine and offer different warranties. Take the time to compare each model before making your choice.

Drinks made with a grain machine

Depending on the model of bean-to-cup coffee machine you choose, you can make more or fewer different drinks. First, you can easily prepare a ristretto coffee: it is a very full-bodied and very short espresso. Some machines offer a dedicated function (double percolation system) to prepare it.

Then, of course, you can prepare an espresso, but according to your preferences at the time: short, long, light, full-bodied, in short, you can choose its length according to your desire. If you are more of a fan of long coffee for breakfast, no worries, the preparation of an Americano coffee (long espresso) is also possible.

In addition, by opting for a grain coffee machine, you can make milk-based coffees, such as lattes, but also cappuccinos (some models even have a dedicated button). Finally, the steam nozzle allows you to create a milk froth to cover your macchiato coffee, prepared with a very strong coffee and covered with ¾ of milk.