Beginner’s Guide to Campervan Maintenance 

Have you just bought your first campervan? 

Congratulations! You are now part of an exclusive community that enjoys unrivaled levels of freedom! 

However, campervanning is not all fun and games. 

If you want to be able to enjoy your campervan indefinitely, you need to make sure you are giving it the care and attention it needs. 

Not sure where to begin with looking after your campervan? 

Discover the ultimate guide to campervan maintenance for beginners below. 

Inspect for signs of wear and tear

To prevent costly repairs, you should regularly inspect your campervan for any signs of general wear and tear, as well as any damage and leaks. Make sure you check all the seals around the windows, doors, and vents, as well as the roof and the floors. 

Ideally, you should do this once a month or after each trip, whichever comes first. 

Clean your campervan 

You should give your campervan an extensive clean before you intend to use it and after you have returned from a trip. 

Make sure you clean both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle and take steps to protect the outside for every season by using a protective cover and a specialist cleaner and wax polish. 

Book a service 

To ensure that all the systems in your campervan are functioning as they should be, you must make sure you have it regularly serviced by a professional team. This includes checking the brakes, suspension, tires, and all electrical systems and appliances. 

You should have your campervan serviced once a year or more frequently if you use it a lot or if you have had it for some time and it is prone to problems. 

Prevent dampness and mold 

To prevent dampness and mold from accumulating in your campervan, you need to control the humidity levels, both when it is in use and when it is in storage. 

Dampness can cause serious issues in a campervan, leading to mold and, if left untreated, structural damage. Regularly open all the windows and vents, especially after showering, and invest in a humidifier or other moisture-absorbing product. 

Protect your campervan in winter

Whether you plan to use your campervan in winter or store it away until spring, you need to make sure you protect it during the colder months of the year. 

If you are not planning to use your campervan over winter, you must drain the water systems, disconnect the gas supply, and throw away any perishable items. If you do want to use it during the winter, you need to make sure you use a protective cover and that you check for any damage after prolonged periods of bad weather. 

Invest in security measures 

To keep your campervan safe, install a lock, a wheel clamp, and an alarm system if you intend to store your vehicle at home. 

You may also want to consider joining a security registration scheme that helps to keep your campervan safe when it is in storage.