Benefits of Drinking Clean Water to Maintain a Hydrated Body

Water is essential to promote wellness to human beings. You need water to survive the daily challenges of life. According to experts, they believe that a person can survive up to two weeks without food, but water is different. Without water for just three days, humans can instantly die because water is one of the significant components of the brain. Insufficient water supply can result in dehydration of the body, making the organs not to work effectively.

Developed Your Lifestyle, Choose Wellness

One of the easiest ways to promote wellness or making the right decision for healthy living is by drinking water. Many of us believe that we need to drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water every day to keep a hydrated body. However, different people need various amounts of water to stay hydratedTo learn more about the benefits of water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more.

One way to know if you are hydrated or not is by checking your urine color. If you produce colorless urine, it means that you have sufficient water inside your body. But, if your urine is dark yellow, then you may be dehydrated, and you need to start drinking water.

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when a tremendous amount of water is lost inside the body. During dehydration, almost all the water inside the body has been discharged, making you feel weaker and fatigued.

Here are some signs to know if you experience dehydration. It includes:

  1. A dry mouth
  2. A high degree of thirst
  3. Very less urine
  4. No signs of tears when crying
  5. Parched lips

However, there were lots of foods and drinks available in the market that can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Some of these beverages are:

  • Soft drinks
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Flavored milk
  • Fruit drinks
  • Coffee

These kinds of liquid refreshments provide an instant hydration effect on our bodies. However, it can harm our body because of the high presence of sugar and caffeine. You should drink these kinds of beverages in moderation to avoid being overweight, or worse, having diabetes.

Keeping your body hydrated can sometimes be challenging to maintain, especially if you have a hectic work life. Follow these simple steps to achieve a constant hydrated body.

  • Drink two glasses of water before you start eating a meal. This technique will make you feel full and therefore avoid overeating food.
  • Carry one reusable bottle of water and drink every 2 hours. This process will keep you hydrated and, at the same time, can reduce your cost from buying expensive and unhealthy drinks. Once empty, start filling up using tap and clean water.
  • Try adding some slices of lemon to your regular water. These steps will boost the flavor of the water. Also, lemon is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.

Benefits of Drinking Sufficient Clean Water

Below are some benefits of drinking water to the human body

  • Water cleanses our kidney. The primary function of our kidney is to filter all the waste and toxic substances in our body. By drinking lots of water, it simply washes away all the impurities from your kidney, making you feel healthier and prevents you from getting kidney stones.
  • Water can reduce the blood sugar level. Soft drinks, sweetened fruits, and coffee can instantly boost your blood sugar level. Giving you early signs of diabetes. However, you can easily prevent these things from happening by using water. Substitute all the carbonated drinks, caffeine, and sweetened beverages with fresh and clean water. It will help you maintain a good and balance blood sugar. It prevents you from getting diabetes.
  • Water Helps you to Cut Some Weight. Many studies prove that additional water intake can decrease body weight and, at the same time, increase their metabolism.

Furthermore, drinking at least 500ml of water before a meal can reduce your eating appetite significantly. This action will make you eat less calorie food.

According to one study, dieters try to drink 500ml of water before each meal. Surprisingly after 12 weeks, they cut 44% more weight compared to those who didn’t work.

Combining this technique with a balanced diet and exercise, you can achieve a perfect and healthy body in a short period.

  • Water can Improve your Respiratory System

Keeping your body hydrated using water will carry out sufficient passage of airways into your respiratory system. This process can prevent everyone from getting asthma and airborne allergies.

Drinking clean water provides many benefits to our body. Not only does it boost your physical strength, but also your mental and social aspect. So start drinking water every day and promote this wellness to your friends and loved ones.