Benefits of Outsourcing Paper Shredding Service


You probably understand by now that having a business is not as simple as it seems. First, you need to ensure that your company is profitable and create new products or services that will appeal to potential customers and deal with paperwork along the way.

According to studies, most data breaches happen due to human error by an employee. The main reason is that employees do not understand the importance of specific information they should protect and destroy.

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That is why you should find a professional service that will ensure both safety and privacy of your business.

We decided to present a few reasons why you should outsource a paper shredding company to ensure the best course of action.

Reasons to Outsource Third-Party Document Shredding Company

  • Protect Privacy – The main goal is to ensure to protect the privacy of your vendors, customers, and employees, which is a vital consideration to remember. If you neglect to deal with documents, it may lead to potential identity thefts and other problems you do not want to expose. That is why you should outsource to a third-party company because they have experience when it comes to destroying paperwork while complying with the latest regulations.
  • Save Space and Boost Productivity – It is vital to remember that paper records will require plenty of space within your office or a particular storage area. Therefore, you should prevent piles of paper on your desk by outsourcing shredding, which will provide you with clearer space than before. At the same time, when you choose someone else to handle document destruction, you can ensure overall productivity within your working area. For example, instead of leaving your staff to take rubber bands, paperclips, and staples and use a proper equipment, you can quickly dispose of everything in the secure collection container. Then, as soon as it gets full, you should call a business to start destroying everything.
  • Reduce Spending – Even though it does not seem like it at first, choosing a company to help you with paper destruction will help you save money in the long run. Finally, you do not have to purchase the latest paper shredders with all features based on regulations. At the same time, you will not need additional electricity, which means you will pay less and get everything you wanted. Finally, you will not have to use your employees to handle everything while leaving their primary jobs.
  • Comply With Regulations – It is vital to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations when it comes to privacy. Therefore, you will need a secure, consistent, and dependable destruction solution, which is not straightforward to do yourself. When choosing a particular company, you need to ensure they follow privacy regulations, including GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and FACTA. Remember that shredding is a process after which you will receive a Certificate of Destruction you can use to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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  • Sustainability – Finally, if you wish to ensure overall sustainability and prevent significant waste, you should outsource document destruction to enjoy all the way. As soon as a particular provider finishes with shredding, the next step is sending everything to a recycling service that comes with authorization to handle a process. When the shredded document reaches the recycling facility, they will use waste to make other paper products, which will prevent further issues such as going to the landfill.

Things to Consider When Choosing Paper Shredding Service

  • Data Security Compliance – A company you wish to choose should understand regulations and laws regarding your industry. Besides, a company should know every single piece of information about rules and legislation while implementing practices that will protect your business along the way.
  • Check Their Hiring Practice – Ask them about people they hire because employees should undergo rigorous background checks and training. It is essential to determine this point because employees will handle confidential data they can use afterward. That way, you can ensure that all information will remain as safe as possible.
  • Equipment – When it comes to companies such as Portland paper shredding, you should check their equipment and secure environment that will help you prevent potential issues from happening. Since they will offer you a wide array of locked containers, no one should access your info.
  • Certificate of Destruction – It is important to remember that relevant third-party services should provide you a Certificate of Destruction for everything they handle. That way, you will have visible proof that they shredded everything. In addition, you can use this certificate during an audit, which will help you with the process.