Benefits of Partnering with Power-only Trucking Services

Many transport companies have loaded trailers, but lack trucks or drivers necessary to drive the shipment to a specific destination. You can hire power only trucking services. The concept of power-only trucking is that you get the truck and driver necessary to ship your loaded trailer and cargo. Thus, your concerns about logistics involving cargo transportation get resolved. 

The cost of power only hauling will depend on the load size, distance, number of trailers and drivers needed. You can visit the website of Ship a Car and request a quote. Their power-only devices are fashionable tractors driven by professional drivers. 

The devices are equipped with an adaptable wheel that allows connecting the trailers with ease. Make sure that you determine the dimension and specification of the trailer. For transporting heavyweight loads choose the 4-axle devices. 

Who can take advantage of power-only services?

Power-only services are a good alternative for –

  • Companies with more trailers than trucks available for shipment
  • Companies that need unanticipated cargo transportation but no drivers available
  • Heavy equipment transportation like unmovable machines
  • Transporting operation center [includes blood donation, cleanup, medical checkups, etc.] after a natural disaster
  • Construction sector 
  • Moving dry vans, refrigerated vans, containers, tankers, and flatbed trailers

Benefits of hiring power-only trucking services

‘Carrier’ is the company that supplies the driver and tractor or cab. ‘Shipper’ is the company that delivers the cargo and trailer. You may have seen long and large loaded trucks on the highway. The majority of them are owned by two separate companies. The load-carrying trailer is the company [shipper] that hired the driver and the tractor from another company [carrier]. Shipper companies can enjoy a lot of benefits from hiring power-only services.

Efficiency – Transportation companies offering power-only trucking services give the shipper to focus on their loaded trailer without any concern about recruiting on-demand contractors maintain a fleet of tractors and pay wages to a large team of truckers and crew.

Enhanced cash flow – Shippers can rent trailers or other physical assets. They can even purchase them in installments. Staffing is costly and subject to changes in the market, attrition rates, talent hiring, and screening process. There is no need for maintaining multiple tractors, which offers great budget flexibility. Hiring power-only trucking services allow the shippers better cash flow management and make adjustments as needed.

Low capital – Shippers reduce the overhead costs by partnering with carrier services. Their logistic process gets simple and cost-effective. The savings can be allocated to enhancing products, promoting business, and engaging customers. 

Flexibility & Speed – Shippers get a chance to choose the ideal carrier suitable for their particular shipping needs on-hand. Simultaneously, the cargo can get dispatched with speed. The transportation process does not get delayed due to the limitations of tractors and drivers. Transporting goods in an emergency or across international borders needs 24/7 staffing, which the carrier company provides to the shipper company. 

Certified and reliable drivers – Shippers get access to trained drivers that can haul your loaded trailer safely and reaches the final destination on-time. You can even hire a driver team for multiple trailers for local or long-distance shipment needs. 

To know more about power-only trucking services contact Ship a Car, Inc