Benefits of Taking a Steam Shower With Berkey Shower Filter Before Sleeping

What do you usually do before going to bed? You might follow a certain routine to feel comfortable before closing your eyes. One of the things you should do is to take a steam shower. After arriving home from an exhausting job at an office, having a steam shower helps. It’s even better if you use the Berkey shower filter. It helps filter chlorine and prevents the buildup of limescale. Therefore, you will have a better bathing experience. These are the other reasons why you should consider getting a nice bath before hitting the bed.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website.

You want to feel relaxed

When you arrive home after a long day at work, it feels like you couldn’t do anything anymore. Your body is exhausted and you don’t feel well. Despite that, you still have a hard time going to sleep. It helps if you take a steam bath. Once you feel the hot water dripping down your body, you begin to relax. You forget everything that happened at work, and you’re more excited to go to bed.

Hot temperature prepares your body to sleep

Another reason to shower before you sleep is that it prepares your body to rest. A hot shower increases your temperature for a while. Once you enter an air-conditioned bedroom, the temperature starts to drop and you can rest well. It won’t take time before you’ll fall asleep.

You’ll experience REM sleep

Experiencing REM sleep is crucial if you want to feel energized the next day. It doesn’t matter if you reached eight hours of sleep if you failed to have REM sleep. You will still feel exhausted, and it could affect your productivity. Hot showers allow your body to rest well and have a deep sleep. It is suggested though that you only limit your bath to a maximum of 15 minutes. Otherwise, your temperature will be too high, and you won’t have enough time to cool down and rest.

It’s an excellent way to observe proper hygiene 

Imagine all the places you’ve been to during the day. Being outdoors and touching different surfaces make you vulnerable to illnesses. If you don’t bathe before going to bed, you can transfer the bacteria and viruses on the sheets. To stop this problem, you need to take a hot bath. Cleanse your body and remove germs to prevent possible infections.

Another reason for doing it is that you don’t want to keep on changing your dirty sheets. You can use the same sheet longer since you go to bed with a clean body.

You will have better skin

One of the reasons why some people age gracefully is that they bathe before going to bed. When you take a bath close to bedtime, it makes your skin smooth and healthy by keeping it moisturized. It also prevents potential breakouts. If you’re aging, bathing at night could prevent wrinkles from forming.

You might also use skincare products that you leave overnight. They’re more effective if you put them on for several hours while you sleep. You can’t use these products with a dirty face. Bathing at night helps clean your face and the skincare products used become more effective.

You will be in a good mood the next day 

You have to start your day right at all times. You don’t want to ruin your day because you feel miserable as soon as you get up. A good night sleep puts you in a positive mood the next day. You don’t feel cranky and moody. You will also share your optimism to everyone around you.

You can free up your morning schedule 

People usually argue about the best time to bathe. Some say that it should be done during the day while others say it’s best to do so at night. If you have enough time, why don’t you do it twice? Keeping your body clean is always beneficial. However, if you’re rushing for work during the day, it’s best to bathe at night. In doing so, you start to free up your morning schedule. It doesn’t matter if you wake up late. You will still have time to grab a cup of coffee, read your morning papers, and meditate. If you take a few minutes to bathe, it could ruin your routine.

You will have more time to think 

You face a lot of people at work. Even if you want to be alone, you can’t. At home, it’s the same. There are instances when you would like to rest, but you can’t because you have to take care of your children. The only time when you can be alone is when you take a shower. Therefore, you should enjoy it at night before bedtime. It’s your only chance to reflect on everything that happened during the day.

When you have problems, you will have the opportunity to think about how to solve them. You can even cry and address that overwhelming emotion when you’re alone inside the bathroom. You work hard all the time, and you deserve to rest. Without a nighttime shower routine, you might not even have that opportunity. It could lead to an emotional breakdown and even more severe mental health issues. You work hard to provide for your family and you sacrifice a lot for them. You deserve a few minutes to rest and be alone inside the shower room.

Given these reasons, you should make it a habit to bathe before you sleep. Invest in a quality bathroom. If you have to remodel to boost your bathing experience, you should do it. Prioritize having a shower filter to ensure the cleanliness of the water used for bathing. You can replace the filters regularly to keep the water clean.

You might think of doing a lot of things to relax. Although the activities you think about are helpful, nothing compares to the joy that a nice shower can bring. It’s also something you can do each day. There’s no need to wait for a holiday to bathe and relax.