A vape is an electronic cigarette device that is an alternative for smoking a cigarette field with tobacco. This contrivance has an atomizer, battery that warms the liquid inside the cartridges and vaporizes the liquid they called juiced. 

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert invented the very first version of e-cigarette – which he named “Smokeless.” Herbert aims to provide the alternative of intaking of tobacco that contains nicotine considering the pharmaceutical drug that has pro and con effects to an individual. Worse luck is that most of the companies that he introduced his invention declined his idea. Not even one of those enterprises sees the benefit from his appraisal in preventing disease and death caused by the utilization of tobacco. As well as the beauty in the ten fun flavors he created like mint, rum, and his personal favorite, cinnamon.

However, all minds were changed as the number of people getting diseases snowballed from the then-record 523 billion cigarettes burned by U.S smokers. A scrap metal dealer from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania created an insurgent substitute for Gilbert’s creation. 

Fifty-five years later, e-cigarettes companies are now receiving $10 billion net worldwide. Unfortunately, Herbert Gilbert never received any money on his conspicuous only acknowledgment is the reward he received from other inventors – including Hon Lik.

Hon Lik is a Chinese pharmacist who invented the modern-like e-cigarette that became the most popular worldwide. In line with this, more and more establishments are willing to mass-produce his invention and became widely known – especially concerning the Ultraflo Mini Philippines and AiristechAiris Viva fabrications.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking