Best Bicycle Brands Available Today

Pollution in the cities is increasing day by day and much of it is due to the increased number of cars in the streets. An alternative means of transportation like a bicycle can reduce pollution in our environment considerably. Besides being green transportation, the bicycle also provides health and other benefits. 

It will help you to stay fit and healthy every day. You will enjoy the thrilling experience of riding your bicycle in the busy town and will be able to save time commuting as well. So, traffic jams will no longer make you exhausted.

When it comes to buying a good bicycle, there are numerous options available. Here we are going to talk about some of the top bicycle brands in the world.

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It is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that started its business in 1972. This brand has been recognized as the largest manufacturer of bicycles and has earned a good reputation for manufacturing quality bicycles as well. 

Many world champions and professionals trust this brand. Its unique features like easy switching between power modes, critical data display, and others will give you an outstanding cycling experience. 


The mountain and hybrid bikes manufactured by this brand are unparalleled. It is so strongly built that you can go up to the mountain cliff comfortably and confidently.


The brand uses a special alloy called Functional Advanced Composite Technology (FACT) to construct the bicycles. 

These bikes have features to meet the various needs of the customers. Their race bike is quite popular as they are comfortable to use and don’t cause any strain to the body. 

Santa Cruz

This brand also specializes in mountain bikes. There are 12 different models to choose from. The bike is constructed using aluminum and carbon fiber. 

The bikes are used by professional cyclists for competitions like mountain and downhill biking. 


This Taiwanese brand is popular for its mountain bike ranges. The solid construction and unique style make the bicycle different from that of the competitors. 

The bicycles are carefully engineered to provide a balance between refinement and performance. 


This brand is known for its durability. The bicycles are constructed using high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum frames. It is very safe and comfortable to ride on this bike.

Though it is a top-quality brand, it is not as expensive as its competitors. 


They are a renowned manufacturer of bicycles and other sports equipment. Their bikes are not only strong but are also very stylish.

 If you are looking for some adventure with your bike then you should buy Scott bicycle. 


They are famous for manufacturing BMX, mountain, and road bikes. They are affordable and so you won’t have to spend a fortune to buy your most desired mountain bike. 


For the best city biking experience, you can buy a Kona bicycle. It is perfect for commuting. 

They are constantly researching and coming up with features that meet customers’ needs.  

Fuji Bike

This Japanese brand is one of the oldest manufacturers of bicycles. If you are looking for a bicycle that is not very fancy, but functional to be used every day then this is the one you should buy. Fuji has created a huge Asian market. 

Bicycle is very useful for everyday traveling. So, you should buy a high-quality bicycle that has a sturdy frame to last for many years. A good bicycle will give you a comfortable experience.