Best Coinbase Alternatives 

The bull rally in the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has created a wave of optimism among the investors, making cryptocurrency an excellent investment alternative in 2020. This has been the third time when the mining reward has halved since the mining of Bitcoin in 2009 and thus, is trading at a buy to sell ratio of 9:1. 

This event being a temptation will surely attract new traders to invest in the crypto markets. But is coinbase the only option to trade? Here’s the answer.

Is coinbase the only option for trading cryptocurrency? 

If you are tempted by the optimism in the crypto markets and are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, is coinbase the only alternative you have? The answer is simply a NO! You have several alternatives to coinbase having their own advantages that make them better than a coinbase in several aspects. The platform has more than 11 million active users with over 38 million currency markets. 

The Best Alternative To Coinbase

The best alternative to coinbase enables the traders to trade a larger variety of cryptocurrencies at much lower fees and thus, here are some alternatives and competitors of coinbase that you can surely go for. 

  • Binance 

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange and surely, the toughest rival of coinbase when it comes to trading value. The platform allows investors to invest in more than 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, litecoin, altcoin, etherum, etc. The best altcoin exchange is available in all US states, except New Mexico, New York, Washington, Georgia, and Hawaii, allowing the investors to deal with USD and EUR accounts.

  • Kraken 

Kraken has been among the most popular coinbase alternatives since its establishment in 2011. The platform allows the investor to trade 20 cryptocurrencies through four fiat currencies (including JPY and CAD) and that too at much lower fees than any other similar platform. 

  • Changelly

Changelly revolves around facilitating the trade of a large variety of digital assets without compromising with the trader’s privacy. The platform is extremely user-friendly, making signing up a doodle. Another significant highlight of the platform is its policy to complete most of its transactions without identity checks of KYC procedures. 

  • Gemini 

The US-based coinbase alternative is another trusted platform for exchanging USD for BTC and ETH. Gemini has its servers in all the US states, except Oregon and Arizona. The trading fee begins at USD 0.25 for both buyers and sellers. The platform is extremely secure and thus, is a worth-it trading platform. 

In the end 

Whenever we talk about crypto trading, coinbase is the only platform that comes to our mind. But the upcoming traders are pretty inclined towards coinbase alternatives due to several advantages. These platforms are extremely safe, much cheaper, and offer a wider choice of currency and thus, are definitely worth giving a try.