Best Items Needed For Your Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular as the years go on and technology advances so that it is not just better in terms of tech quality, but also more affordable for consumers. The best smart home devices are more than just a gimmick, they can turn your lights on from your phone, stream music through the sound of your own voice, lock your own doors remotely and clean your house with the flick of a button; today we access some of the best products on the market for a smart home.

The first device in which we would recommend, and to be honest should be a staple in all homes is that of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd edition. Now although the Amazon Alexa the better of the two devices, the Echo Dot comes at a much more reasonable price range at £40. This seemingly small device will allow you to power your smart home with just the activation of your own voice.

Smart homes haven’t been the only beneficiary of the improvement of technology in recent times as other online services have benefitted from this. Online casinos have seen a surge in numbers since the introduction of the apps of gambling which has seen many move away from the high-street casinos and onto online markets as they are on the go, you can see the Very Well Casino reviews here in which back this evidence up of high quality casinos.

Got into bed after a long day and can’t remember if you locked the doors or not?  August Wi-Fi Smart locks works directly with your Alexa and seamlessly integrates you locking your doors with the use of your own voice in the comfort of your own bed. Easy installation, sensors to know whether your door has been left open with notifications and compatibility with not just Alexa, but also other smart home systems makes it the best auto-lock system on the market.

And finally, cleaning up is always a chore in which we wish we could avoid, and the Shark Ion R85 makes that wish would come true. This robot-vacuum cleaner ensures that all your floors including hard surfaces and carpets are squeaky clean with the press of a button.  You have the ability to control your shark with either your smart phone or your Alexa and this nifty device comes with 8+ hours of cleaning without a charge – impressive and makes your house clean without any effort required.