Best Mobile Gaming Set-Up and Accessories

If you want to game like a king on mobile, you need to have a great set-up. This means you’d need a couple of accessories for it to be fully realized. In this article, we’ve collated the best mobile gaming accessories for the perfect set-up.

There are several brands and types of mobile phone accessories with different functions and uses to make your phone perform even better and give you more ease of access.

Brands To Look Out For

With mobile gaming accessories, there are numerous brands to look out for, as many companies have built their business based on the industry. Anker, in particular, is a great go-to brand. They have a ton of product lines from Bluetooth speakers, charging cables, power bricks, as well as headphones. The company has also dabbled in making quality screen protectors and cases. 

Another brand to check out is Belkin. Famed for their affordability and industry-leading charging cables, you can find any mobile accessory you’ll ever need in your life in a Belkin store. Additionally, the US-based company has also started to crack their shot at wireless chargers, so if you have the latest flagships and are looking for wireless chargers half the price of what’s in the market today, Belkin is a great shop to look for it.

Best Gaming Controller: COOBILE Mobile Phone Gaming Controller

Among the plethora of mobile accessories that mobile gamers need, the one in priority is a quality gaming controller. Gaming controllers not only makes gaming easier and more intuitive, but it also elevates the experience as a whole. With a quality and ergonomic gaming controller in hand, you’d never have to suffer from misfires and wrong moves because your fingers pressed the wrong button.

Hands down, the COOBILE mobile phone gaming controller is the one to buy in this category. It’s not only the best option for value, but it also has the abilities of higher-end models in mapping out specific moves, as well as skills without sacrificing ergonomics and ease of use. Your phone sits right on top of the controller for a direct view.

Best Headphones: Sony WF-1000XM3

If you really want a truly immersive gaming experience, you need to have noise-canceling headphones, preferably with a true wireless stereo technology. Gone are the days where you need a 3.5mm wired earphone to hear every nuance of the game’s music. Nowadays, having a true wireless stereo headphone is the norm. 

With that in mind, the best in class for this particular mobile accessory is the Sony WF-1000XM3. Its noise-canceling technology is a cut above direct competitors like Apple, Bose, and others. If you have $200 to spare, you can buy the WF-1000XM3 through official Sony stores. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, SoundMagic’s TWS50 is worth checking out as well.

Best Power Bank: Anker Power Core 10000D

Power banks or bricks are a necessity when you’re serious about mobile gaming. Heavy RPG games like PUBG, Fortnite, Mobile Legends, and etc. consume serious battery life. You don’t want to be caught with a low battery while in the middle of a ranked game or a raid, do you? With mobile gaming being one of the most accessible forms of gaming worldwide, you can play games anywhere with just your phone and a steady Internet connection.

So what you’ll need in case of serious battery power needs is a lightweight power bank that has enough power to last you through a day of the heaviest gaming. If you have a phone that has 3000 and up mAH, it’s wise to get a power bank that can charge it three to four times. Anker is known for their power bricks, and the Power Core 10000D not only gives any gamer enough power to last throughout the day, but it’s also small and lightweight enough to not add a hefty bulk on bags.

Best Bluetooth Speaker: Bose Soundlink

Let’s face it – headphones can only be comfortable for a limited amount of time. Two hours tops, at the most. Even the most comfortable of earphones will make the ears itchy and sore after quite some time, so you want to have another Bluetooth device to blast your music while gaming.

Bose Soundlink is the perfect gaming speaker because it’s intuitive, lightweight, and has the ability to blast your music effectively. Because the form factor of the Soundlink is ergonomic, you can put it anywhere and amplify your gaming sounds with no apparent problems. 

Best Smartphone Projector: Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Portable Mini-projector

Think you don’t need a projector if you’re mobile gaming? Well, think again. If you’ve never experienced mobile gaming with a projector, then you’re completely missing out. Now that mini projectors are all the rage, you can get a best projector under 500 for more than half the price of regular ones.

Anker is the shop to go when it comes to getting your very first mini-projector. The Nebula Capsule may not be cheap, but it’s easy to set up and pairs automatically with any smartphone. It has a 720p HD picture and is AndroidTV-ready. There’s also a built-in autofocus feature so you won’t need to have it manually formatted.


Having a great mobile gaming setup is one of the keys to getting a great gaming experience. With the mobile accessories mentioned above, your perfect mobile gaming rig is closer to reality!