Best Pain Management Tips

Dr. Steven Ferrer is a pain specialist based in Ramsey, New Jersey. One of the services he offers to patients is pain management.

Though a pain specialist can be a great help in living with pain, the bulk of the responsibility lies with you. There is much you can do to manage your pain on a day to day basis

The following are tips to help you better manage your pain regardless of where it is:


I know it is easier said than done, but if you want to better manage your pain you are going to have to learn to relax. Luckily, there is much that can help you in this regard.

When you are relaxed, there is less chance of the body getting inflamed, which is the main cause of chronic pain. You will have to change your mindset and make relaxation a state of mind so the body can follow.

There are many practices that can help you with relaxation. Meditation and yoga are two perfect examples that you can try.

Eat Well

Your diet has a major part to play as far as pain management is concerned. The foods you eat can either add to or reduce your pain.

A balanced and nutritious diet will generally contribute to alleviating the pain. The healthier your diet, the better your body will work at remedying the problem.

Moreover, you can add foods to your diet that are known to reduce inflammation. Such foods include ginger, garlic, and turmeric.

Get Active

The health benefits of exercise are seemingly endless. It may sound counterproductive when you are dealing with pain, but the more you move the less the pain you will experience.

The initial pain of movement will be worth the eventual relief. The issue is that the less you move because of the pain, the weaker your muscles and joints become, and the more pain you feel.

You should always start small and gradually increase your workouts to avoid pain. Low impact exercises are recommended if you have chronic pain issues.

You should include cardio as well as resistance training in your exercise regimen for optimal results.

Keep Busy

One of the worst things you can do if you suffer from chronic pain issues is to completely focus on the pain. It helps to have things to do which can distract you from the pain.

Moreover, just because you suffer from chronic pain does not mean you cannot be productive. However, you will have to perform the activities in a way that reduces your pain.

Hobbies are a great way to stay busy and engaged. A spiritual practice is also a great alternative.

Keep a Pain Journal

Keeping a record of your experiences with chronic pain can be very helpful as far as pain management is concerned. Expressing yourself as honestly as possible should be the aim in this regard.

Understanding the pain you feel is a large part of accepting its existence. Writing about it will definitely give you greater insight into your condition.

Releasing all the negative feelings about the pain onto the page is an act of great relief. You can also note the progress you have made which will help you better cope with the pain.