Beware of Fake MYA Tobacco and Hookahs!

Send Us a Picture and We Will Make Sure You Have “The Real MYA”

MYA Hookah has been in business since 1863, and along the way many competitors have tried to pass off inferior products as MYA branded items.  Recently, there have been numerous tobacco products appearing on-line and in particular India claiming to be MYA branded tobacco products that in reality are counterfeit.  These counterfeit products boldly appear with the MYA logo illegally placed on their packaging and dishonestly claim to be official MYA products, yet have absolutely no affiliation with MYA whatsoever.  Not only are these products fake, they are potentially dangerous.  MYA would like to warn you, should you see falsely labeled MYA tobacco products to avoid purchase as they are counterfeit, potentially dangerous, and MYA can’t guarantee their quality and production standards on any level.

If you are having difficulty in determining if a tobacco or hookah product that is labeled as MYA is counterfeit or not, please email us a picture at and we will gladly respond to you with confirmation of authenticity.

MYA products are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by MYA’s warranty. Our designs and technology are also subject to valid and enforceable patents.

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