Bird Control Solutions are also available through Urban Hawks. For a variety of industrial and household customers, they provide bird control solutions.

We provide specialized bird control services that can assist you in getting rid of any bird infestation difficulties you may have. We are the most experienced team of expert bird removalists, with 23 years of expertise in removing birds from residences and commercial buildings.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, part 1 protects all birds. It is a crime to kill, wound, or destroy the nest or egg of any wild bird under this legislation. A single bird or nest may have a significant impact on your development.

There are, however, a few limits to this generalization. When these cases arise, we may use deterrents to prevent animals from nesting in the area and ensure they don’t return.

Bird Proofing 

The most efficient approach to keep birds off a certain area is to block access, which is known as bird proofing. Specific proofing methods such as spikes, netting, and wires are available through our Pest Bird Control Solutions.

These are the sorts of strategies that we can put in place to prevent birds from flying into your yard without causing any damage.

Egg & Nest Removal 

Many types of birds live in colonies that may include thousands of individuals and hundreds of nests. Gulls are one of the species that can nest in such large numbers and are becoming more prevalent in towns.

When dealing with human instances, precautions must be taken to preserve health and safety. In the United Kingdom, it is unlawful to kill, maim, or harm any bird’s nest or eggs under The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. Any person convicted of a crime can face a custodial sentence and a hefty fine.

However, there are some limitations to this generalization. As trained and experienced professionals, we can examine the situation and recommend the best course of action. We can also implement colony control measures to reduce problems associated with nesting birds.

Falconry Disruption & Dispersal Programs

Falconry is an excellent method of discouraging birds and other pests from settling in an area. The usage of hawks in areas where birds nest, prevents them from returning to the site and creating a problem.

This approach has a high success rate and is one that we’ve used on several occasions for our clients.

Bird Dropping Removal & Disinfection

Birds can spread a variety of diseases to people via their droppings, both directly and via inhalation.

It is critical that anyone working on guano removal be thoroughly trained and fully equipped to complete the task safely. After a survey, we will disinfect and clean affected locations.

Ground Nesting Bird Mitigation

With the government requiring increasingly stringent environmental standards to protect our environment and wildlife, development projects must be certified as compliant with planning consents.

Many years of experience with large construction projects gave us insight into how to provide bird mitigation plans for The Wilds. To ensure that nesting birds do not endanger your project, we use a variety of non-lethal strategies.

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Another effective and efficient approach to keep a flock of birds from congregating in a certain location is to use any audio or visual deterrents. Scarers are becoming increasingly popular. Urban Hawk can install them in areas that we feel would be most beneficial, as well as any locations where nesting is an issue.