Brazil Nut – The Best Protein Shake

Any personal fitness trainer online will tell you that – protein shakes are an important part of the diet when you are looking for that perfectly chiseled body. Also, proteins are the one element that the body needs to recover from a session of exercise, while also prepare the body for the next session that would occur. Since body building is all about breaking down existing muscle and packaging on new muscle which has desirably higher strength and mass, protein is the single most important element that needs to be introduced in the diet. However, a protein shake can contain a number of ingredients for its nutritional source. Many people design their own shakes to best suit their taste, comfort, availability etc., but the Brazil nut has proven to give maximum protein benefits when used in shakes.

The nut cannot be used in its original form to be a part of the shake. It is picked carefully in the amazon rain forest in Peru and taken to the factory. The nuts are laid out in a drier and allowed to expel any kind of moisture in them. They are then compressed so the oil from the nut can be extracted which gets stored separately, to be used later in other beneficial products. Once the nuts have been rid of the liquid content, they are taken to be ground into a fine powder which can be incorporated into the diet in a number of ways to increase protein intake.

Brazil nut powder is known to be so high in protein that 20% of the powder, by weight is only protein. Also, every serving of two tablespoons of the powder contains 330 micrograms of Selenium which further helps in being able to pack the body with more muscle mass. This is considered to be 2,500 times more Selenium in comparison to any other element which one would consider consuming as a part of their diet. Aside from these two main components, the brazil nut powder is also rich in amino acids, anti-oxidants, monounsaturated oils for a healthy heart, performance boosters like glutamine and arginine; and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. This powdered nut is a complete package for overall health and growth.

Another suitable aspect about the Brazil nut is the fact that it is a vegan product. Most protein sources are not suitable for consumption in a vegan diet because many of them are meats and others are diary. This product can be introduced even in a vegan diet and people can easily supply their body with large amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, without breaking their principle diets. Also, this powder is one of the best sources of protein while being the lowest source of fat. There is negligible amount of fat in the powder which makes sure the diet that is being follow is not violated in any condition.

The protein shake is said to be the best way to introduce Brazil nut powder into the diet. Aside from the powder, a number of other elements can be consumed in combination and depending on the taste preference of the drinker; the modifications can also be made. However, there may be other ways of doing the same. The Brazil nut powder is so fine and clear; it is also called flour, and can serve the same purpose. So if you are looking for ways other than a protein shake to use Brazil nut powder, you can use it as flour while baking pies, cookies and crackers. Lastly, you can even sprinkle it to top your salad or cereal to give you a finished looked, flavor and nutrition, all at the same time.

Enrich your protein shake and other nutritional elements with Brazil nut powder because this chemical free, health preparation is the highest source of protein available in the market today. Irrespective of the kind of diet you have followed, Brazil nut powder can be a part of your routine.

Author Byline: The post is shared by Jason Phillips; an eminent health writer who regularly contributes on He is a fitness freak and muscle builder.