Bucket List: 5 Fun things to Do With Your Dog

If you want to enjoy time with your furry-buddy, then you have to get creative.

Like any relationship, you can eventually get bored of doing the same old things with your dog. The usual walk in the park, obedience training, or fetch simply isn’t enough.

You need to level up your creativity and try new things. Both you and your buddy can really use more fun, fresh, and exciting activities that get your heart beating!

So, without further ado, here is our bucket list of 5 fun things to do with your dog!

1. Go for a swim

In case you don’t know this already, dogs can swim. So instead of taking your buddy out for a walk, go for a swim. Spend the day enjoying the ocean or swimming pool (whichever one you prefer).

Although it’s completely safe for dogs to swim, you should still take a life vest along with you—just in case your dog is one of the rare ones who can’t swim.

2. Ride a bike together

Although riding a bike together seems easy, it’s really not. It’s only fun as long as you go at the right pace. If you get carried away by the thrill and speed up your bike too much, both of you can get injured.

So make sure to start slow and increase speed on a safe pace to enjoy a fun ride with your buddy.

3. Learn a new trick

Sure, your dog obeying the basic commands including sit, stand, and fetch may seem impressive now. But once time passes, like everything, it will lose its magic.

So instead of stopping at the basics, keep teaching your dog new tricks. It’s not as if the number of tricks are limited. From the army crawl and handstand to the salute and handshake, your dog can learn some pretty impressive stuff.

So why stop? Keep on teaching!

4. Dress up for special occasions

Is Christmas, Halloween, or Hanukkah coming up? Or is it a theme party? No matter the occasion, dressing up your dog according to the theme is always fun.

If you think dressing your dog is silly, then think again… It’s actually one of, if not the most enjoyed dog activity, as reported by hundreds of pet owners.

So bring out the suits and dress your buddy up. Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures because these will surely be memories to remember!

5. Stay at a pet-friendly hotel or bed & breakfast

Planning to travel with your dog? Instead of staying at an ordinary hotel, make this trip memorable for your furry-buddy by booking a room in a pet-friendly hotel or bed & breakfast.

Dogs being one of the most beloved animals, are welcomed guests at some of the most exciting accommodations across many first-class countries in the world.

If you stay at a pet-friendly place, chances are you won’t need to bring along dog food or toys because the hotel will provide everything you need for a fun stay.