Budget Bothers – How Shared Space Can Save On Business Costs In The Big Apple

For startups and emerging entrepreneurs, managing your limited startup capital wisely can make or break your chances of success. While you might be tempted to spend wildly on high-tech equipment or opulent furnishings, it is worthwhile to consider more essential needs when planning out your budget. Things like rental prices, especially in New York City can take a big chunk out of your wallet.

To this end, there are shared office spaces in New York that present a viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional office space rentals. If you are looking for New York City office space for rent on a limited budget, then shared space is the solution you are looking for.

Let’s look at how shared office space in New York City can save your business money.

Great Locations At Reasonable Prices

Having prime real estate in the heart of NYC’s financial district is prohibitive to most entrepreneurs. However, being close to the action is a necessity for the access it brings your business to the economic life of the city. To remedy the problem of exorbitant rental rates, choosing a shared office space is a great option. Premium providers of shared office space keep in mind that location is important. Companies such as Servcorp locate their shared offices in the One World Trade Center, a prestigious building by any measure. You can enjoy space in this tower alongside some of the world’s largest multinational companies and for a fraction of the cost of traditional office rentals.

In-House Support

With premium shared office space, you can also save on the resources you spend on support services. Having secretarial and receptionist services are there if you need them in these spaces. Additionally, there is no need to search for an inexpensive third-party solution to your technical problems. Professional IT support is available in premium shared office spaces if and when you require it.

Networking On A Shoestring

While networking is essential to the success of any business, it can also waste valuable time and money on unsuccessful leads. Being able to maximise the use of your time in networking is a great way to save your resources in the long run.

To this end, shared office spaces offer many organic opportunities for networking that come as a natural result of your working environment. In shared working spaces, you will be surrounded by talented and motivated individuals who are driven to succeed, just like you are. From this pool, you are bound to meet the people who are right for your projects or who can introduce you to key contacts in your industry.

The best providers of shared working space also host several community events throughout the year. These members-only get-togethers are a great way to get to know your coworking colleagues outside of the context of work. Forging authentic business partnerships has never been more straightforward.

All-Inclusive Infrastructure

Sourcing, buying, and maintaining expensive office equipment can be a drain on your startup budget. With a shared office, however, you have in-house access to printing, copying, scanning, and faxing facilities at a reasonable rate with no need to worry about paying for the expensive maintenance and repairs of the machines yourself. You can also rely on high-speed secure internet connections that will be included in the monthly rate of your rental.

Reduce Your Rents

Saving money for your business has never been easier than with a shared office space. Find a premium provider of these services in NYC and spend your resources on bringing your ideas to life rather than dwindling them away on office essentials.