Bunaken Island

Bunaken is an island, formerly part of Manado bay, is norther part of Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The visitors may attain Bunaken by rate boat about 30 mins from Manado Maritime Port. Around the Bunaken Island, there is Bunaken Sea Garden that is component of Bunaken National Park. Generally, Bunaken is covering an area of 75, 265 hectares with five islands indoors, that is the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island island with the branch of it, Naen Island. Bunaken Marine Park has 20 points dip place with varying depth of up to 1344 meters. From all of these 20 points of diving, the 12 points of them are about is Bunaken Island.

These twelve-stage dive are the most frequently visited by the natives or tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater landscape. The vast most Of the 12 points dip in Bunaken Island is a line from the southeast to the coast of the island. Within this area, you’ll discover high submerged walls, also referred to as the hanging walls, a giant stone walls that stand vertically and curved upward. These stone walls are also a source of food for fish from the oceans around Bunaken Island. While on Bunaken National Park, Bunaken National Park is representative of Indonesian tropics water ecosystems consist of mangrove ecosystems, seagrass beds, coral reefs, and land / coastal ecosystems.

Potential mainland islands national park is filled with species of palm, sago, wok, silapar, and coconut. Animal species that exist on the mainland and the shore ranges, Sulawesi black macaques, deer, and polecats. Mangrove plant species in the Bunaken National Park is Rhizophora sp., Sonneratia sp., Lumnitzera sp., And Bruguiera sp. This forest is packed with numerous kinds of crabs, shrimps, mollusks, and several types of sea birds such as seagulls, storks, sea dove, and herons. Around there are 91 species of fish found in the waters of Bunaken National Park, like the fish gusumi horse, white oci, yellowish tail lolosi, goropa, ila back, along with others. Bunaken National Park can be reached via the port of Manado, Marina Nusantara Diving Center in the District of Molas and Marina Blue Banter. From the Port of Manado using a motorboat to the Siladen island is about 20 minutes, Bunaken Island, about 30 mins, Montehege island about 50 minutes, and Nian Island about 60 minutes. In case the visitors moved from the Blue Banter Marina with a yacht that is available to the tourist places on the island of Bunaken, then it’s going to be taken in 10-15 Minutes, while to go the diving site at NDC using a speed boat may be hit in 20 minutes.

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