Business industries that you should focus in 2022

What business industries are hot and working in 2022? Well, the best ideas are to focus and start working right now.

Massage parlor

If you live in a small town, then a massage parlor is a great choice for your own business. In small towns, there is practically no competition, and you can take all the available customers for yourself.

To open a massage parlor, you will need a small space, at least one table and an experienced massage therapist. But it is better to set up 2-3 tables depending on attendance and hire several specialists to increase the number of customers. You can offer different types of massage:

  • classical;
  • medical;
  • relaxing;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • massage for couples, etc.

In order for you to constantly have customers, you need not only to provide quality services, but also to properly advertise your salon. Run ads on social media, create your own groups, update them regularly and keep in touch with potential clients. The payback of a massage parlor is about 4 months, and the main difficulty lies in finding qualified massage therapists and attracting clients.

Start streaming and selling

You can sell products and services while streaming. Twitch is the biggest platform and you can do that too. There are many streamers and they are doing the same. It’s a proven business concept right now because people want to watch more streams. Buy Twitch followers, get a good streaming schedule and start doing it consistently.

Opening a pancake or pie shop

If we consider business ideas 2022 with minimal investment, then fast food is a gold mine with the right approach. To open your own pancake or patty shop, you will need a small room or stand-alone stall, as well as the appropriate equipment.

The assortment of pancake or pie should have several offers:

  • sweet products;
  • meat products;
  • with dairy products;
  • with condensed milk;
  • with jam;
  • with caviar and more.

Note! The demand for national fast food is consistently high, but the main thing is to choose the right place to locate the outlet.

Suitable for high traffic areas:

  • central streets and squares;
  • large office buildings;
  • markets, etc.

Gym or Fitness Club

The number of people who go in for sports and watch their figure is constantly growing, so gyms and fitness clubs are very popular.

Opening your own gym is a great way to get a stable income. To do this, you will need to find a room with an area of ​​at least 80-100 m2, purchase the appropriate equipment and launch an advertising campaign on social networks.

Sushi Bar

The popularity of sushi is quite high. People order this dish at home on weekends, for holidays and corporate parties, come to the cafe with the whole family or visit it with colleagues.

The benefits of starting such a business include:

  1. High profitability. The average mark-up for portions of sushi is 80-100%.
  2. Fast payback. With the right approach and a constant flow of orders, the cafe pays off in 6-9 months.
  3. The possibility of additional income by organizing the delivery of the product around the city.
  4. Lack of seasonality. Sushi is equally well bought both in winter and in summer.
  5. Low opening costs. You will need a room, a small kitchen, a distribution counter and furniture for visitors.