Buying Canned Food And Toppers for Cats and Dogs

Buying high-quality toppers and canned foods for your cats and dogs to enjoy is essential. Your options range from biscuits to bone broths and stews. The bottom line is choosing a safe, nutritious, and flavorful pet product. Paws Food Express stocks some of the best choices of toppers and canned foods to consider when scouting for the best varieties.

Choose Options that have Human Grade Ingredients

It would be best to look at the can to see what ingredients were used to make the stew or bone broth. You could rest easy if they were processed in a human-grade facility, which means the food is safe for consumption and suitable for your dogs.

This information also translates to a balanced pet food diet that factors in the needs of your cats and dogs. Each recipe should have while fresh ingredients with zero harmful additives. The products will not have any artificial coloring, flavors, or hormones added to them. The benefits of canned foods are that they are convenient, especially on the go.

Paws Food Express is here to help you get the right canned foods and toppers for your dogs and can. We have a variety of brand options to consider. You also don’t have to worry about delivery as we deliver at your convenience in Houston and its surroundings. We ensure you get the food of choice even if you live in Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. All this is available at a button of a call. Give us a call today for us to organize for delivery.

Canned Food Adds Moisture to Your Pet’s Diet

Some pets struggle to take water, and this can be a challenge as far as hydration is concerned. If unsure how to incorporate more moisture, consider adding canned foods to the pet’s diet. Since canned foods are wet, the pet will consume the much-needed moisture and stay hydrated. Feeding your dogs with bone broth is even better, which is impossible to overdo. These are excellent to use as toppings, especially if you feed your pet kibbles and dry foods.

You will have a variety of canned foods to choose from, which is also great. These come in different combinations, with the most popular being:

  • Beef and chicken mix
  • Chicken and chicken liver
  • Chicken and salmon
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Cage-free chicken. This is a pure chicken diet but the free-range kind.

All these different types of bone broths work well for dogs and cats. Pet owners should experiment with different broths and see which one their pets love most. Some pets are picky and may be concerned about the texture of the foods. You can introduce the toppings gradually and observe to see which ones your pets enjoy the most. Fortunately, with so many choices, you are assured that there is something for everyone. Go for what is affordable and what your pet will like most.