Buying Dash Cams: Important Things To Know   


Driving is fun, but also comes with some risks. You might be the most responsible driver, but safe driving cannot account for careless drivers, unnecessary traffic stops, and insurance fraud attempts. For such reasons, dash cams are the most helpful addition you should have.


A dash cam helps you record your driving whenever you go. The recordings can help you prove fault in an accident, monitor someone driving your vehicle, and more. Therefore, you must be very careful when purchasing this equipment to ensure you get one that best suits your needs. In this case, you must consider the following factors.


Dash cams are often priced based on the model and its features. You should have a precise budget in mind and do your research to get one within that price range. Your decision will also be based on what you want to get from the equipment. If you want it to have more features for added security, you should expect to pay more.

Image Quality

Perhaps the most essential thing to determine is the camera’s overall quality. A higher-quality camera will produce better images. It can be very helpful if you need solid evidence after an accident or other incident. You must consider the resolution, field-of-view, frame rates, and night vision to ensure you’re getting the best dash cam.


Some dash cams run on your vehicle’s power, while others come with in-built batteries. A dash cam with a battery is your best bet if you want recordings after you’ve parked your car in a public lot. You must ensure that it has a long battery life for the ultimate convenience. You must also get the dash cam installed by an expert because of the multiple connections involved, regardless of the option you choose.

Storage and Footage Protection

Video footage takes up significant storage. So you must choose one with enough storage. Some come with in-built storage, meaning you do not have to deal with external storage if the in-built one serves you well. However, you might have to add more storage for a few days of footage. The best thing about having a memory card is that it cannot be damaged in an accident, so you’re likely to have your evidence in place.


With advanced technology, a dash cam that supports wireless connectivity will be a safe bet. That team can connect to the internet or your mobile phone through features such as Bluetooth. This way, you can manage the footage and the settings on the dash cam. Internet connectivity helps you host other elements of your equipment. For instance, you can upload the captured footage to the cloud and stream it to a computer or phone.

Other Features

A dash cam could also come with additional features that might be very useful. These include driver monitoring, audio recording, auto-start, and loop recording. These features help maximize the functionality of your dash cam.

Bottom Line

Dash cams are vital additions to your vehicle. However, you must take the time to research all models and their features to buy one that suits your needs and budget.