Buying your dream home in the magical city of Mumbai, India is now just a click away!

Willing to be a part of the magical city of Navi Mumbai? Then this is your chance to grab the exclusive opportunity to buy your dream home in the financial capital of India. Just like everyone else, I have always been so fond of Mumbai city for various reasons. One of them is the fast and happening life in this magical city that drives everyone so crazy. There is something about Mumbai that makes you fall in love with the city instantly.

As there is a saying that Mumbai does not sleep, and I realized that this is so true when I first came to Mumbai with my parents when I was sixteen years old. It was a long time ago when we had come here in Navi Mumbai to attend a wedding of one of our relatives and stayed here for around a week. That time although I did not have much independence to roam around the city and discover every bit of it, yet I always knew that I am going to come back when I grow up and become self-independent.

I have always heard that property in Mumbai is so expensive that most people would not be able to afford a standard life here. I have always been someone who loves challenges in life and I was more than happy to take this as a challenge to come back soon and settle down in this magical paradise. I completed my education and got into the job life while I was living in my home city Bhopal with my parents. After a few years of experience of working in a company in Bhopal, the day came when I got a golden opportunity to work in an MNC in Mumbai. The offer was so cool that I could not turn it down, So, I decided to pack my bags and come and settle in Mumbai to achieve something really big.  

When I landed here in Mumbai, I knew I have to stay at my relative’s place for some time until I found a proper place to live in. Since my workplace was in Navi Mumbai, I knew I have to search for a suitable property in Navi Mumbai which seemed quite difficult initially. Navi Mumbai is one of the fastest developing localities in this part of the country and the prices of properties here are sky-high. But somewhere I believed in myself and had a lot of faith in myself. I was confident that one day I would be able to make it big here in this city. So, while I was staying at my relative’s place, simultaneously I was also searching for a suitable residential property either 1BHK flat or 1RK to stay. 

Since I had no idea at all about properties in Navi Mumbai and how to buy effectively, I was willing to seek suggestions from my closed ones, colleagues and all acquaintances. Just then, I happened to meet someone at my workplace who advised me to give it a try in one of the websites named Since I had no other option then, I thought of giving it a shot. So I started surfing the website.

As I surfed, I felt quite mesmerized to note that the website was like a hub of options and filters that provided me with all the relevant information for deciding which property in Mumbai shall I go for. 

I followed the following simple steps while searching for a property in Navi Mumbai:

  • Visited the official website of
  • Created my account to receive all relevant information about properties in Mumbai and related offers
  • Entered all filters as preferences such as locality, built-up area, overall budget, type of property, kinds of amenities, possession date, the authenticity of owner or agent, etc. and searched for the right property.
  • Applying the filters, I received a lengthy list with thousands of relevant properties, and I must say that gave me extensive options to select from.

The website will be helpful for you in deciding the following aspects:

  • Deciding on the budget for the property
  • Selecting the location where you want to live in the preferred city
  • Finding the right agent or real estate broker or owner with contact details
  • Finding a developer of repute
  • RERA certified property in Mumbai or any other city
  • All properties that shows are all based in well-connected areas and plots.
  • It provides information such as the configuration of property, possession date, name of the developer, owner or agent along with contact details, probable EMIs, the average rate of the property, etc.

Another aspect of was that it included data sciences within the website that conducts a comparative analysis of properties and come up with the best of the best solutions to its customers. The advanced data science technique churns the available data to identify the new features to ensure that customers make the best choice for themselves when it comes to buying or renting properties in Navi Mumbai or any other city as per preference. The website would analyze and compare data based on some tools such as the following:

  • Traffic Flux
  • Housing Lifestyle Rating
  • Inventory Demand Supply 
  • Visibility Index
  • Housing Estimate

Thus, with the help of, I could shortlist some of the properties in Navi Mumbai and finally, after visiting those properties I could find the perfect 1BHK flat for myself and that too near my office. I could not believe that I made it to Mumbai with so much ease and comfort. This was possible only because of the website. I realized that the dream that I had dreamt once years ago to come and be a part of the magical city was fulfilled and I had proved myself to the world that I take challenges sportily and fulfill it with all my effort and dedication. But I would accept this time that more than me, it was the contribution of the website that changed my dream into reality.