Can You, and Should You, Change the Lock on Your Safe?

Even if you don’t have items that are of particular monetary value, if you have any belongings such as jewelry or trinkets that are of great sentimental value, it can be just as important to protect those by storing them in a safe, too. After all, burglars often break into a home and grab whatever they can get their hands on, and even if they find out afterwards that what they’ve taken isn’t of any monetary value, the chances of them returning the items to you are pretty slim!

With a high security safe purchased from a reputable manufacturer and installed by a qualified safe technician, you can give all your items of value the protection they need, both from burglars or anyone else who may be able to get their hands on your belongings.

Safes are a fantastic investment and give great peace of mind, but should you ever change the lock on one, and why might you want to?

Reasons for changing a lock on a safe

Some of the most common reasons for wanting to change the locks on aoffice or home safes are:

  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Too many people have access to the code
  • To upgrade to a biometric or electronic lock
  • The lock has been broken or malfunctioned

In the majority of instances, changing the lock is the more affordable option when compared to buying a new safe.

Who can change the lock on a safe?

A fully licensed and experienced locksmith, or anyone specializing in safes and security, should be able to change the lock on your safe without damaging its integrity. Without the original key or combination to open the safe with, however, the security expert will need to be highly trained and skilled to be able to get into the safe to change the lock, so make sure you’re only dealing with an experienced expert who has the relevant credentials.

One instance in which the above scenario might apply, is if you were to inherit a safe from a loved one following their demise, or find one when going through a deceased person’s belongings.

Whatever circumstances might apply, if you need to change the lock on a safe, a simple call to a local locksmith or safe technician in your area, will determine whether they’re able to carry out the work for you, along with how much it will cost and how long it will take.