Cannabis and Marijuana Friendly Hotels in Trinidad Colorado

Since marijuana and cannabis have been legalized in Colorado, tourism in Colorado which is huge anyway – has boomed to new heights. Especially in the small town of Trinidad which is located on the major highway coming into Colorado from New Mexico and California. This has brought a boom to this small town which has led this small community to open new art museums, expand a larger history museum and other tourist spots to keep tourists spending their money while staying in this town.

Friendly hotels

As in other parts of Colorado, this means more cannabis friendly hotels Colorado have been opened or remodeled. Trinidad is in Las Animas County which is about 20 miles north of the New Mexico border. Trinidad has a plethora of recreational marijuana stores, as well as cannabis dispensaries with many close to the New Mexico border for those traveling on I-25 North. Several websites list all the features and locations for all these places for the dispensing of marijuana and cannabis.

I-25 corridor

Along with this I-25 corridor going south and north, there are also many marijuana friendly hotels Colorado on this stretch of highway. Marijuana friendly businesses or motels are also referred to as “420 establishments”. This means that these establishments generally allow a person, in these hotels or businesses are open to allow the smoking of cannabis in peace and without consequences in their hotels and motels. These establishments will not call the police and have no problems with you smoking in your rooms. They even have some rooms that are over 18 meaning that no children should be in your group.


This also keeps people who are smoking off the highways which are a matter of public safety. So, if you have made a trip to this area solely for purchasing marijuana, there are many places safe for you to stay.