CBD Oils with All the Good Aspects for You

CBD oil is extruded from mature cannabis flowers, and the cannabidiol content ranges from a few to several dozen percent. CBD oil is legally available in Poland, but it is sold as a dietary supplement, which means that there are no top-down laws and standards governing its production. In practice, this means that when buying CBD oil we are not sure whether the declared CBD content is true. Real hemp oils are also available on the market, as well as Synerva CBD Oils UK that are enriched with cannabidiol (to increase its content) or even those that do not come from hemp at all, but are only CBD solutions in any cheap oil.

The Right Manufacturers

Reliable manufacturers provide their products with special certificates that confirm the compliance of the declared CBD content with what is actually hidden in the oil. Consumers should, however, be careful and not buy every CBD oil that is available on the market. On the Internet you can check which producers are reliable and which are not necessarily.

CBD oil – dosage

How to take CBD oil – Dosage

It is impossible to determine one universal dosage of CBD oil. Oil dosing depends on the CBD content of the oil.

  • The dosage of CBD depends on the purpose for which it is taken. It usually ranges from about 100 milligrams to even 3 grams (three thousand milligrams) per day.
  • Small doses of CBD show anxiolytic and insomnia effects. Doses of 100 to 600 milligrams are used for Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and inflammation. Some studies allowed patients to determine the dose themselves and take as much CBD as they needed to improve their condition.
  • Doses of up to 800 milligrams are used in the experimental treatment of schizophrenia and psychotic conditions.
  • The highest CBD doses are used for very severe drug-resistant epilepsy, mainly in children. The daily dose can be up to three grams of CBD.

It can be seen that lower doses of CBD (up to about 400mg) are better at treating anxiety problems, while higher (above 400mg) are more effective at reducing pain. High doses activate the TRPV1 receptor, which raises body temperature and reduces pain.

Cannabinoids are insoluble in water, which is why CBD is sold in the form of oil. The amount of CBD that is absorbed from the intestines varies depending on the state of the digestive system, so research is underway on other CBD administration methods. Oil consumption is currently the best known way of dosing CBD.

Side effects and safety of taking CBD hemp oil

By reading reviews and articles posted on the Internet, you can become convinced that it has no side effects, which is not true. However, it is true that CBD oil is relatively safe both in high doses and during long-term use.