Changing Ways of Sending Rakhi

Rakhi is a Hindu festival that honours one of the deepest and most emotional bonds that may exist between two people: a brother and a sister. This is commemorated by the sister tying a ‘rakhi’ or ‘holy thread’ around the brother’s wrist, and both praying for each other’s well-being, followed by a pledge from the brother to look after his sister in all circumstances, and the brother must return the present. It is solely a festival between brothers and sisters, and it is observed with great intensity and excitement.

The thin frail thread of Rakhi is a vital part of the festive event, since Raksha Bandhan means “a link of protection” and is celebrated to cherish the special bonding of adoration, tenderness, and emotional bonding between a brother and a sister. This delicate thread, when knotted on the wrist of a brother by his sister to wish him well and succeed, is thought to be more powerful than iron chains.

Today, there are a number of possibilities for sending rakhi online for brothers and sisters all across the world.


Rakhi is sent by post by sisters who are unable to meet their brothers. Sending Rakhi threads through the mail was the traditional technique, and a segment of the population still uses the postal service to communicate with one another and to send Rakhis. The Indian Postal Department makes extra measures every year on this auspicious occasion to ensure that Rakhis get to their destinations on schedule. For Rakhsha Bandhan, the Postal Department has created special tear-resistant and water-resistant envelopes.

Using the Internet

With the advancement of the Internet and E-Commerce, the concept of online rakhi delivery has become much more convenient and dependable. There are three ways to send online rakhi and well wishes through the internet:

  1. E-mail messages
  2. Rakhi Greetings Cards are available online.
  3. Rakhis and gifts can be sent via the internet.

E-mail messages

E-mail refers to electronic mail sent via the internet. It’s similar to a traditional physical letter, except it’s written on a computer and sent via the internet. E-mail becomes exceedingly quick and affordable as a result of this.

Rakhi Greetings Cards are available online

The way of sending a Rakhi Card via the internet is known as an online Rakhi Greeting Card or E-card. It takes less time to send a custom Rakhi E-card than it does to unwrap a present.

Rakhis and gifts can be sent via the internet

For those brothers and sisters who live far apart and cannot meet on Rakhi day but can afford to spend money, rakhi, gifts, and even the puja thali can be sent via the internet. Purchasing and paying for Rakhi-related items or rakhi delivery online can be done through your computer. Shopping from online rakhi store is just as safe as shopping in a store or by mail. As a result, on Rakhi day, any sister can send whatever she wants to her brother in any part of the world via the internet. She can also receive her present from her brother at the same time.