For all ages:

         The cars are a fascination for all ages. If it’s your dream to design cars, why not build one using the builder blocks from the best brands? You can make a choice between the two famous brands and you can check out more on the subject by typing lepin vs lego review . The similarities of the two start right from the package. The colour of the package and the models namely the technic from lego and the technician from lepin might confuse you at first look.

The price level:

Of course the price of the two differs completely and totally at a level far from the reach of the kids. They do need the funding from their parents to buy the lego but the lepin can be bought from the pocket money of the kid. The price is low for the lepin but the cheaper price does not do the justice for the quality of the blocks as can be seen from the look of the parts.

The manual:

         The reviewer needs to be careful while looking at the differences as the colours and the package size are almost the same. At first look, the lepin you would wonder if the lego price is slashed or it is on sale. But that is definitely not the case. The lepin has one huge manual whereas the lego has two small sized manuals to check out the model building. Some of these cars cannot be built just by the kids even though they are older but for the younger ones below the age of seven quite difficult.

The models:

         The car models are complicated ones and even with all the information given about the porsche 911, they are at a difficulty level much greater even for the adults while it is even more for the kids. One has to have the model of the car in a picture or the person must have had a through look at the car itself before he or she can try building the model that is available from the Lego brand.

The quality:

         The model build from the lepin looks exactly the same as that of the lego and the colour of the lepin is not much different. The manual guide sheet from lepin is very thin, flimsy and might not hold for long. Assembling it for the second time might tear it off easily especially by children.

The appearance:

         The sturdiness in the lepin completed model might not be the same when you compare the two as the quality of the material used is very low when it comes to the lepin. This is quite not the favourite. The lego parts can be moved about easily without them snapping off which is not the case with the lepin. The car doors and other parts are not so fitted and there is a difficulty with the wheel movement as well. The lepin set is quite a flimsy one. The lego can be adjusted with hands and can be assembled repeatedly. The lego technic looks much put together than the lepin technician to say the least.