Check Out Boerboels for Sale: Things to Know About This Breed

Boerboels are unique and significant breeds that can protect your home and family, which will provide you peace of mind.

In the past, people had bred them with an idea to protect homesteads in South Africa. 

They have not changed from that time, and they come with an innate sense of duty that allows them to become loyal companions and working dogs. 

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It comes with a large jaw and watchful eyes, and a thickly muscled body, making it a challenging and impressive addition for your family. 

Since they are part of the Molosser family, they are the perfect faithful guard dog. They feature a strong jaw, blocky and large head, and muscled bodies that can handle any task that will provide you peace of mind.

It is working blood, which means it can easily withstand numerous days as the giant breeds around. You will get both agile and athletic option that comes with large size, which means you will get tremendous power and strength.

Since the well-proportioned body is fantastic, it features endurance as other animals such as horses. The even-keeled and calm nature of the South African mastiff is another quality of the breed.

You will get a dog with soft, dense, and short coat. At the same time, they come with loose and thick skin that will hang to their bodies. They are an intelligent and attentive breed that is perfect for kids and families.

In most often situations, the breed comes with fawn, red or brown options that will feature white patches. 

Life-Size and Expectancy

You will get a dog breed that lives between ten and twelve years, which means they are durable and rugged without genetic health issues. 

It is vital to find a professional and reputable breeder that will offer you information about potential genetic issues that will prepare you for future situations.

You probably know that most of them feature looming presence, which is an essential factor to remember. Females can be between twenty-two and twenty-four inches tall, while males can go up to twenty-seven inches. 

At the same time, they can weigh up to two hundred pounds. Therefore, you should know they are different from average lap dogs, but they are close with families and highly affectionate. You should learn more about Boerboels for sale, which will help you ensure the best option for your particular needs. 

Protective Capabilities

The primary purpose of this breed is to protect the family and household they live. They have instincts to guard their homes and families.

They can be reserved and calm, which means they will not act until someone provokes them. Still, you can rest assured and live-in peace of mind. Another critical consideration is loyal, which means they will do anything for their families.

It is in their blood to watch you against potential intruders, which is essential to remember.


Confident and intelligent South African mastiffs can start with obedience training from an early age. They are brilliant, which means puppies will soak everything you teach them, but you will require persistence and patience.

You should implement positive, consistent, and patient training, which is why you should maintain an overall structure that will highlight your situation.

They will respond appropriately to treats, which will allow you to make training more effective and fun than other breeds. At the same time, they come with a constant role in the family, especially when it comes to consistent training.

Still, they require experienced dog owners, which is why you should avoid them if it is your first canine friend. 

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It is vital to remember that Boerboels require early socializing since their natural protective instincts can expose them to numerous situations, people, and dogs. 

Bad situations may affect them in the future, which is why you should think about avoiding dealing with aggressive breeds from the beginning.

Since they are natural working dogs, which means they can handle long days of training. At the same time, they enjoy playing with families, which means they require mental and bonding stimulation to ensure happiness.

Even though they require plenty of daily exercise, these dogs are calm and relaxed. They can be playful, but they will deal with any trouble due to a sense of duty. 

Since the family comes first, you should know they feature a high level of responsibility, which will provide you with a gentle and sweet perspective.